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Kylie McConville

Will This Wearable Baby ‘Monitor’ Make Moms Worry More?

PUBLISHED ON 01/10/2014

Say hello to Owlet, an ankle-worn health tracking device for baby that comes with an app to give parents a readout of baby's health whenever you want it . Sort of like the tracking device made for house arrests but designed for babies. Absolutely cool — or a new mom's worst nightmare?

The Owlet tracks baby's heart rate, oxygen levels, and skin temperature, as well as providing rollover alerts during sleep (which means you'll seriously never sleep again!). Working off a system called "Pulse oximetry", which is most commonly used in hospitals and in pediatrics, red and infrared lights and a "smart sock" (the wearable tracker) provide you with a measurement of baby's heart rate and oxygen levels any time you want 'em.

Here's how it works: The "smart sock" (no, not the kind that put themselves on your feet, though that would be awesome and why haven't we created it yet?!) transmits information that its recorded to a smartphone app through Bluetooth 4.o. And for those of us still living under rocks, if you doen't have a smartphone, you can plug the smart sock in through a USB to view the metrics on your computer, or even connect them to your home WiFi so you can mull them over dinner or while friends are in town to visit.

Made from hypoallergenic material, the smart sock is completely wireless (so there's no strangulation hazard) and all the electronic components are house in a resistant silicone case so that no one gets hurt (because accidentally electrocuting your baby is totally bad for business). And don't worry about battery live, because the smart sock can live for up to two full days on its own. It'll even give you a notification when it needs a charge (sort of like baby, but without the chaos and crying).

Currently, the sock and app combo retail for $250 and according to the company, it offers parents so much more: "Peace of mind for an often times stressed and restless mother."

For more details, check out this information video:

Would you by the Owlet?

PHOTO: Photo Courtesy of the Manufacturers