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Sarah Yang

Woman And Her Surrogate Are Both Expecting Twins!

PUBLISHED ON 05/16/2012

One couple is going to expand their family by four in just a few weeks. Misty Baker and her surrogate are both pregnant with twins. According to The Los Angeles Times, Misty and her husband Brian had experienced fertility problems for many years. After trying IVF and considering adoption (they were worried about Indiana’s state laws that let birth mothers change their minds after the adoption), they decided to use a gestational carrier (a.k.a. surrogate), Misty’s best friend Amber Pluckebaum.

Last October, two embryos were implanted in Amber and the other four were implanted in Misty for one last attempt at conceiving. Everyone was shocked when the two women found out they were both pregnant – and they were even more surprised when they found out they were each having twins. Expecting four babies at one time can cause a lot of anxiety about finances, but Misty and Brian’s friends have chipped in to buy them baby supplies and they are trying to stay debt-free.

Misty is carrying a boy and a girl – who they plan to name Connor and Hope Elizabeth. Amber is carrying twin girls – Madison and Victoria.

Wow! What do you think of this story? Would you ever ask your best friend to be your surrogate? Or would you ever be your best friend’s surrogate?

PHOTO: Jupiter Images