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Woman Gives Birth to a 13 Pound Baby Girl — Can You Believe It?

PUBLISHED ON 07/15/2013

You're not even going to believe this one! A Pennsylvania mom deserves a Purple Heart after delivering a 13 pound, 12 ounce and 25-inch long baby girl today!

Little Addyson Gale Cessna was born via C-section to proud parents Mark and Michelle — and is the (unofficial) biggest baby the Armstrong County Memorial Hospital has ever delivered.

How adorable is she?

Mom Michelle told a local TV station, "We knew we had a big baby, but not that big." And mama's not the only one who can attest to baby Addyson's size. One of Michelle's delivering doctors, Dr. Yannie Narcisse, told the same news station, "I think as mothers, we all have that initial, oh my that must have hurt, and they're right. That's big." Even three-time daddy Mark was in shock! He said, "I was guessing around 10 pounds. I wasn't expecting this. We're just happy that everything's okay."

It looks like Addyson's size might come in handy for future sibling fights — her two big brothers,  JJ and Ryan, might think twice before picking on their little sister!

Mom and baby are happy, healthy and resting. Congratulations to the Cessnas!

Watch their TV exclusive, here:


How big was your baby?

PHOTO: Shutterstock / The Bump