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Woman Wakes Up From Coma And Finds Out She’s Pregnant — Amazing!

PUBLISHED ON 08/28/2013

In today's daily dose of news that you're absolutely not going to believe, a woman awoke after 3 months in a coma to find that she was 4 months pregnant.  In September of 2012, Gemma Holmes was driving a scooter in Hilperton, England, when she collided with a parked car. The impact was enough to cause her to fly across a busy street and then slam into a lamp post.

Among cuts, bruises and bumps, Holmes sustained a broken back as well as severe head injuries. She was in a coma and airlifted to the hospital where doctors didn't think she would survive.

Amazingly enough, three months after the crash, Gemma woke up from the coma to find that not only had she defied the grim diagnosis that doctors had given her — but she was also pregnant. Because she'd suffered amnesia as a result of the accident, the 26-year-old couldn't remember what had happened over the last three years, including how (and when) she had met the baby's father. "I was in shock," she told reporters. "When I woke up and I was told I was pregnant I remember thinking, “what? how did that happen?"

At the time, doctors warned against keeping the baby, advising that it would be potentially dangerous to her health and would keep her from having surgery on her back. Holmes said no; she was adamant on keeping her baby. She told the ITV This Morning, "I just thought that if this little baby inside me had managed to survive the awful crash, then he was meant to be." For the duration of her pregnancy, she refused painkillers out of fear that the medication could harm her baby-on-board, which made the lingering pain from her tremendous accident injuries almost unbearable. Gemma was also confined to a wheelchair. But for the mama-to-be, the pain was worth it.

In May 2013, Gemma gave birth to a healthy baby born named Rueben Miracle Holmes. He was born via c-section. "I couldn't stop crying when they first showed him to me, because he is my little miracle baby. I was just so happy to see him after everything we've been through," the new mama told Though she has no plans to get back together with Rueban's father, Luke (who was located after the crash), Gemma insists that the new daddy wants to be a part of his son's life, too. "It is just great for my son. There is no chance we will get back together but I am glad he will be part of Ruben’s life."

But surgery from the crash is inevitable. "The doctors have said they will operate on my back after Ruben is six months old, because I’m breastfeeding and they want to give me time to bond," Holmes says.

After the six-month mark, "The doctors will have to break my back again and put metal plates in. I will then have up to two more years in the wheelchair before they think I may be able to walk and run with my baby." And the new mama isn't worried one bit about the impending surgery and the two years she will be off her feet. "Rueben is the best thing to ever happen to me. I may not remember how he came to me but I've got the rest of our lives to make up for that," she said.

"Ruben is just gorgeous, he is perfect."

Can you believe this mama's unbelievable story?

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