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Baby Girl Puts Her Daddy in His Place — and It’s Absolutely Hilarious! (WATCH)

PUBLISHED ON 04/18/2013

Remember all those pesky times when really, really wanted to show your brother (or sister!) how to do something and your parents would tell you — in that awful, parenting way — to worry about yourself? Makes you squirm just thinking about it, huh? Me too. But today, no more!

Ryan Hunley recently uploaded a hilarious, honest video to YouTube where his daughter firmly puts him in his place — and the result is actually making me cry tears of joy. She's trying to unbuckle her seat belt and when dad steps in to help, she's seriously not havin' it.

Not only is it further proof of who run the world (girls!), but it's  so funny to hear this little toddler drop her sweetness for the perfect punch of sass.

See for yourself (spoiler alert: the ending is the BEST!):

How funny is this?!