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Would You Hire a Bed Rest Concierge?

PUBLISHED ON 07/27/2012

Expectant moms can become impatient during the nine month wait to meet their newborn, but imagine if you spent twenty-six weeks (that's 182 days!) of your pregnancy on bed rest. That's what happened to Stephanie Johnson in late 2010 when her doctor ordered immediate and prolonged bed rest after complications with her first pregnancy. "My life stopped when everyone else's continued," said Johnson in a recent interview with Bethenny Frankel. That left her  brainstorming proactive solutions for other pregnant women in similar circumstances.

Enter Bed Rest Concierge. A mere three months after giving birth to her daughter Harlow in March of 2011, Stephanie started her business — a resource for resting moms in need of motivation and support. The focus, she claims, is to help women "have a beautiful and joyful pregnancy while preparing for their new arrival."

Johnson and her team offer a variety of pre-delivery services including nursery design, baby shower planning and laundry service. (A mobile pampering team can come to you to give you a pedicure!) That's just the beginning. Post-delivery services include mommy-and-me activities, errands and childcare referrals. And if cooking isn't your thing, Bed Rest Concierge can even teach you how to make your own baby food.

We love that Stephanie had the guts to start a business so soon after having her first child! Plus, the Bed Rest Concierge team is sure to make life a little bit easier for expecting moms. We even hear they deliver late night ice cream!

What was your bed rest experience like? Would you use a bed rest concierge?

PHOTO: Jose Luis Pelaez / The Bump