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Wow! Mom Delivers Baby On New York City Street Corner

PUBLISHED ON 02/25/2014

What's the most incredible thing you've seen at a New York City crosswalk? Passerby's bore witness to a woman in labor delivering her baby on the side of the street. The woman, who's name was not released, was trying to hail a cab to the hospital on the corner of 68th Street and 3rd Avenue when she realized that her baby could no longer wait. To add to the drama of it all, Fox 5 News cameras captured the whole thing on tape.

When her doorman and people on the street realized what was happening, they dropped down to the ground to help the mom-to-be with her quick, spur-of-the-moment delivery. One witness said, "She was like 'Oh my God, the baby's coming.' And I could see the baby's head coming out." When police and medics arrived to take care of her, the new mama flashed onlookers a smile.

The event, dubbed the " Miracle on Third Avenue" ended in the arrival of a baby girl! Several women passing by on the street offered their scarves so that mama could wrap up her daughter. Shortly after her debut, they were both whisked away to Lenox Hill Hospital, where they're reportedly doing just fine. Apparently, the impatient little girl was the couple's third child, which makes sense, since it was such a speedy delivery.

Did you deliver baby way sooner than you expected?

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