Lalabu Soothe Shirt


Meet the Lalabu Soothe Shirt®, a stylish top for mom, cozy pouch for baby, and nursing bra all-in-one. There can be a lot of unanswered questions that come along with a newborn baby. Here at Lalabu, we believe in “simple babying.” This motto was the main inspiration for the Soothe Shirt, an on trend sleeveless tank top, equipped with a secure pouch and built-in nursing bra.

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the bump editorial review
Anytime I wear this shirt with my baby in it, people want to know where I got it. And not just moms! This top works so well for when we’re at a restaurant or on the plane and I just want him to sleep. It's equally as useful when Daddy's got him and I want to carry my phone or some snacks in it :)
Catherine Lowe
'Bachelor' star, new mom
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