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3 Unexpected Pregnancy Symptoms I Actually Loved

Pregnancy has so many different symptoms and though I didn't look forward to the nausea, swollen feet and ankles and heartburn, there were some symptoms I (surprisingly!) loved.


Thicker nails and hair

My nails and hair couldn't have been any thicker, shinier, and healthier when I was expecting! I felt like I was a walking Pantene ad while rocking a baby bump.The fact that my hair and nails never failed me during my entire pregnancy and even throughout my nursing stage once my son had arrived was the bonus! I would like to think that it was totally natural and had nothing to do with my prenatal vitamins, but let's be honest, those prenatal vitamins have been ditched and so my supermodel campaign hair and nails have also ditched me. At least I have tons of selfies to prove what my hair can look like!

Constant naps

I loved the necessity of napping. There was no better way for me to catch up on the lost sleep from my middle of the night discomforts than by catching a quick snooze on the couch. Plus, the extra snuggles from my dog didn't hurt, either.

My voice

Maybe not so much my overall voice — but definitely my laugh! It turned into the most brilliant chuckle during my pregnancy. The way my laugh changed was very unexpected but welcomed! I found that I not only laughed more because of my chuckle, but I really did find that my new-found deep and sometimes gut wrenching laughter added an entire new dimension to my workout routine! Plus I realized that my laughter was infectious.  I felt like while I was pregnant I was always slightly aloof.  It saved me from stressing the small stuff and I was able to train my mind to stay focused on what really mattered.

Pregnancy is the most beautiful time to be a woman. Throughout both of my pregnancies, there were probably more than a million times where I just stopped and stood in awe of my babies as they moved inside of me. My connection to nature also gave me a newfound appreciation for life — one that I'd never really stopped to take the time to notice before. And though there are so many lovely ways to sum up pregnancy, I've yet to find the right way to describe how I felt when I found a little life was growing inside me.

Were there any pregnancy symptoms you loved?

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