Are you searching for unisex baby names, gender-neutral baby names, or non-binary baby names? It is a tall order to find a name that includes all the qualities you want to impress upon baby while still giving them the wiggle room to make their own choices. But it is one of the most important steps into baby’s personal identity you can make from day one and therefore is a worthy quest! Gender-neutral baby names are inclusive while still being nonspecific. Baby could be a Quinn, a River, or a Jude; the sky is the limit with the gorgeous array of options! These names are for the parent looking to give baby their own unique way through life while still giving them a name to fall back on for support, no matter who they discover themselves to be.

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There are a lot of names out there. If you’re struggling to find a name that isn’t typically gendered or are looking for a name that holds a special meaning for baby, we’ve got you covered. The Bump has compiled lists of gender-neutral baby names, non-binary baby names, and traditional unisex baby names to help you find a name that fits your family. Search below to find new names or discover the background and meaning of your favorites in the running.
Gender-Neutral Baby Names
Though you might objectively think all names are created equal, you probably do have a love of specific styles. Gender-neutral, or unisex, baby names range in style from nature names, vintage names, uncommon names, and so many more! Baby’s perfect, stylized name is just one click away!
Gender-Neutral Baby Names
Honoring baby’s heritage with a name from their or your homeland is a beautiful way to keep the spirit of that culture alive. Teach baby to love their family tree with a gender-neutral name from a specific origin.
Gender-Neutral Baby Names
If you’re one of the many parents opting for a gender-neutral name selection, it’s likely you have more choices than you know what to do with! But by choosing a gender-neutral baby name by letter, you still have all the variety you’re looking for—but with a little less anxiety in the process.
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Still trying to find that perfect name? Check out these most popular baby name lists to discover more unisex baby names and meanings.
What to consider

When Choosing a Unisex Baby Name...

Choosing your baby’s name is a big step and there’s a lot to consider. Still, but try not to stress about your choice. Just be thoughtful when choosing your little one’s name, and weigh your options with different unisex baby names. If you’re going for gender-neutral baby names or non-binary baby names, think about traditional and current uses of the names you consider. Often, names that were once considered only for one gender are now used by anyone. In fact, arguably, any name can be used by anyone! That said, if you’re specifically looking for gender-neutral or unisex baby names, try a name that hasn’t historically been used for one specific gender.

You’ll also want to think about how the first name you’re considering works with the last name your baby will have. Practice saying the first name and last name together, paying close attention to the rhythm of the name, the syllables and ease of saying the full name. Don’t forget to include any middle names (or additional last names). Middle names can be another way to take the gendered edge off a name, too, by adding a more unisex feel to it. We recommend testing the full name you’re considering by calling it across the room to see how it feels. Don’t forget to practice nicknames, too. Think about potentially unkind nicknames your little one’s peers might make up (just in case), and consider all the possible nicknames you might make out of the name, too. Nicknames can be another way to take traditionally gendered names—ones that might run in the family, for example—and turn them into more unisex baby names.

And, of course, remember to check the initials of your unisex baby names to make sure you don’t accidentally spell something unintended. Initials will be required at some point, so plan ahead! No matter which unisex baby names, non-binary baby names or gender-neutral baby names you land on, you’ll be using your baby’s name constantly. Be sure you love it!