These lists are for the baby that will be moving ahead of the tide and setting the trends from day one. Baby names by style include names for baby’s sign, inspired by fashionable cities, purely badass names, and many more. For the little soul you’ll raise to be fluent in the cultural ebbs and flows, trendy baby names are the way to go.

125 Perfect Pet Names for Your Fur Baby

Your four-legged friend deserves a name as special as they are. Browse this list of classic, pop culture-inspired, and generally adorable pet baby names for your beloved furry creature.

50 Fire Names for Baby

Why not choose a fire name for baby to ignite their unique spark? From Ember to Phoenix, these blazing names are full of warmth and light.

Anime Baby Names Straight From Studio Ghibli

Loving anime often starts as a casual interest and immediately evolves into a lifelong obsession. Whether Studio Ghibli was your start or you think baby should be watching Ponyo on day one, these anime baby names are a gorgeous choice for the future.

Adventurous & Outdoorsy Baby Names

Baby’s going to be a force of nature, so why not give them a name to match? From Hunter to Aspen, these outdoorsy names are perfect for any brave, wild little adventurer.

Animal Baby Names

Baby’s going to be the cat’s pajamas, so give them an animal-inspired name to match. From sweet and chirpy Lark to the wildness of Wolfgang, this list might be perfect for your cuddly little one.

Baby Boy and Girl Nicknames

You’ve already found the ideal name for baby, and now you’re searching for a perfect nickname to match. From Arlo to Frankie, this list features plenty of adorable options that’ll do justice to the cuteness of the new light of your life.

Baby Names Inspired by Pride Month

Baby will take after you in many ways, from their cheeky smile to their love of avocado toast and power ballads. Their big arrival during Pride Month is the perfect opportunity to name them after an LGBTQIA+ hero, bestowing the ultimate gift of compassion.

Baby Names for Baby’s Sign

If you believe that baby's path is written in the stars, then a Zodiac-inspired baby name could be perfect for your little one. Whether they're a caring Cancer or a gregarious Gemini, a name inspired by their star sign is sure to fit them flawlessly.

Beautiful Baby Names

Your baby deserves a name as beautiful as they are, so why not choose one of the lovely names on this list? No matter what your definition of beautiful is, this wide-ranging list is sure to feature names that look and sound pretty to you.

Botanical & Plant Baby Names

If your favorite style of name is pretty and floral or grounded and earthy, a plant-inspired name could be the perfect choice for baby. From delicate Lily to classic Hawthorne, this list is full of botanical inspiration.

City Baby Names

City-inspired baby names are a great way to evoke the style of the place you love most. From the coolness of Brooklyn to the southern charm of Dallas, city names are full of personality.

Country Baby Names

If you're looking for a name that evokes nostalgic imagery of your youth, consider choosing a country baby name. Timelessly wholesome, these names will never go out of style.

Cowboy & Cowgirl Baby Names

Cowboy and cowgirl baby names call classic Western films with a sense of adventure and romance to mind. If you envision baby having a legendary spirit and a love for the great outdoors, names such as Jackson, Colt, or Harleigh may fit the bill.

Cozy Baby Names

Baby will be an eternal source of comfort and joy for the whole family, so why not give them a cozy name that reflects this? Cozy baby names like Hazel and Jack evoke the soft and gentle feelings baby gives you every day.

Creative Baby Names

Consider a creative baby name if you're eager to give child a unique name that showcases their individuality. These stylish, one-of-a-kind names can take inspiration from beloved books, characters, movies, or Greek myths, to name a few.

Cute Baby Names

Baby is as cute as can be, so why not choose a name that reflects their endearing nature? Cute baby names, such as Oliver or Ava, are an excellent option for your adorable new arrival.

Designer Baby Names

Show baby how big little choices really are with a designer baby name. From the top you wore on Tuesday to the outfit at your first interview, the clothes you wrap yourself in are the ones you wrap your life in! Show baby the best way to make an impression with a designer baby name.

Elegant Baby Names

If you're drawn to chic and timeless names, it is worth considering an elegant baby name. These stylish options, such as Elizabeth or James, will help baby create lasting first impressions.

Fancy Names for Baby Boys and Girls

Whether or not a crown will be placed on baby’s head someday, their life can be full of fancy things! Teach them all about life’s inherent decadence with a fancy baby girl, boy, or gender-neutral name.

Feminine Baby Names

Femininity is deeply powerful and multi-faceted. From embracing gentleness to embodying pure feminine authority, your little one can become fluent in all the complexities of this human experience when encouraged by a feminine baby name.

Food Baby Names

Food baby names are delectable treats that only get sweeter the more you say them. Though they might not be funny names like Pickle and Relish for a set of twins, their charm is just as effortless.

Four-Letter Baby Names

Short and snappy is the name of the game when it comes to what parents are keen on these days. If you want baby to have a title to be remembered for its zing for generations to come, then a four-letter baby name is exactly what you’re looking for.

Gothic Baby Names

If you love Gothic-style literature, art, and architecture, why not give baby a gothic name? These names, such as Raven or Wolfgang, possess a mysterious charm and quiet romanticism.

Hipster Baby Names

Give your cool little kiddo a name to match their rad energy. These hipster baby names will ensure that baby is always on trend!

Last Names as First Names for Baby

Go for something a little different and think about these last name baby names. There won't be any confusion on the playground when you call baby's unique name!

Magic Baby Names

Baby has undoubtedly bewitched you with their lovable nature! So why not look through this enchanting list and pick a magical baby name for your little spellcaster.

Modern Baby Names

If you are looking for a stylish name for baby, then look through this list of modern baby names. These newly-minted names are perfect for your newest addition!

Musical Baby Names

Musical baby names are a chance to show off your harmonious—or totally rockin’—presence. These gorgeous selections eliminate the choice between style or substance by giving you both in just a syllable or two.

One Syllable Baby Names

Sometimes short and sweet is the way to go. These one-syllable names pack a serious punch—and for those expecting twins, the possibilities are endless. Rain and Skye, anyone?

Rainbow Baby Names

The journey to parenthood is often winding and can fill you with wonder, but also sometimes heartache. When your little one finally arrives, a rainbow baby name will help you welcome newfound joy and cast soothing rays of hope upon those you love.

Scary Baby Names

While rom-coms are perfectly charming, you survive on a more alluring diet of all things spooky and scary. Why not give your little witch or wizard a name that speaks to your edgy sense of style?

Southern Baby Names

Southern baby names have that little extra something that will inspire your little cowgirl or cowboy to live life to the fullest. Whether or not you grew up in the southern US, your little one will surely be sweeter than honey with a name like Adeline or Finn.

Spooky Names for Baby

Whether you’re looking for cute and spooky, or classics of the horror genre, this baby name list has it all! Filled with inspiration, your little Jack or Elvira, Igor or Wednesday, can carry the spooky holiday spirit with them all year long.

Strong & Powerful Baby Names

Add more to baby’s lifelong strength-building diet than milk and veggies with a subtle call to their power with a name that does all the heavy lifting.

Summer Baby Names

Whether you’re looking for sunny and carefree or adventurous and fun-loving, these baby names have it all. Your little River or Willow can build their love of the natural world, while Finn or Beckett can connect with great works of literature. Give baby Aurora or Orion the encouragement they need to reach for the stars.

Top 500 Short Baby Names

Millennial and Gen Z parents are out here putting in the work, and they don’t have the time to call out to their darling Mary Katherine Amelia every time they set a snack on the table. A short baby name is all the heritage, meaning, and modern goodness you’re looking for in a tight, five-letter package.

Traditional Baby Names

Whether you’d like to pay homage to your favorite regency novels or connect baby to humanity’s history, these names are ideal. Little Malachi and Eugene can play in the garden alongside Emma and Eleanor, exuding classic elegance and timeless grace.

Two Syllable Baby Names

Finding a name that ticks all the boxes—as well as meshing with any first or middle names you’ve already chosen—can be tricky. These two-syllable names draw inspiration from all over our beautiful world, so you’re sure to find the one that sounds just right.

Uncommon Baby Names

If you’re searching for a baby name that’s edgy, one-of-a-kind, and is sure to make them stand out in the crowd, this list is for you. From Luz and Arrow to Katana and Monet, there’s bound to be a name here that speaks to your passions and hopes for your little one.

Unique Baby Names

Baby is going to be one-of-a-kind, so why not choose a name for them that reflects their unique experience of the world? This list has names of all origins, so you’ll undoubtedly find the name that speaks to you, whether edgy, classic, or with a modern twist.

Victorian Baby Names

If you’re searching for a classic name that connects baby to the elegance of years gone by, these baby names might be just the ticket. “Bodacious,” as the Victorians said, without being “highfalutin,” these names are sure to make baby feel one-of-a-kind.

Vintage Baby Names

Whether you’re after that flapper style, that ‘40s flair, or a bit of Victorian glamor, you’ve come to the right place. Young Jeremiah or Luis is sure to delight alongside baby Alice or Isabella, carrying your love with them wherever they go.

Water Baby Names

Being green has never been so necessary, nor so stylish! These names can connect baby to the planet we call home, while instilling in them a sense of endurance and adaptability they’ll need as they grow.

Weird Celebrity Baby Names

Maybe you’re hoping little Talea can channel the sophistication and power of famous Batman character, Talia al Ghul. Perhaps you’re hoping little Blythe and Bowie can achieve the style and fame of their movie-star namesakes. Either way, this fabulous list is just the thing.

Whimsical Baby Names

One of the greatest joys in life is raising a child, but sometimes it can be hard to remember this privilege, so why not choose a name as a reminder of that joy? A whimsical baby name can be the gentle nudge toward prioritizing some fun, especially whenever life gets to be its toughest.

Witchy Baby Names

Baby is already the most magical thing in the world, but why not sprinkle a little more in there for good luck with a witchy baby name? These gorgeous names take influence from classic and new age connotations alike, just in time for the newest member of the coven.