Feeling an attachment to mother Earth is, well, natural! From the trees helping you breathe deeper to the crystal blue waters reflecting the world’s wonders, nature helps us all! Earthy baby names are as comforting as food fresh from the garden, while still being a treat that’ll last all baby’s life. These names are rife with the opportunities to give baby ties to their roots among the soil or impart the lesson of perseverance from the buzzing bees. Celebrate everything from the ground below your feet to the mountain peaks high above every day just by uttering a few syllables.

30 Brilliant Baby Names That Mean ‘Light’

Pick a name for baby that reflects the sunshine they bring to the world. This list is full of bright and beautiful names that mean "light," perfect for the new light of your life.

50 Fire Names for Baby

Symbolising light, energy, and renewal, fire is one of the four classical elements. Nurture baby’s connection to the natural world with this elemental list of fire names.

Adventurous & Outdoorsy Baby Names

Share your love of the natural world with baby by choosing a name from this outdoorsy list. Names like Rowan, Hazel, and Skye will remind your little adventurer that they’ll always have a place in the great outdoors.

Animal Baby Names

From Wren to Leo, nurture baby’s connection to the great outdoors with an animal-inspired name. Whether you choose something irresistibly cuddly or wild and powerful, baby is sure to be inspired by the diverse beauty of nature.

Baby Names for Baby’s Sign

Your little one is a gift from the heavens, so why not name them accordingly with a Zodiac-inspired baby name? Draw from the ancient tradition of astrology by giving baby a name inspired by the stars.

Botanical & Plant Baby Names

If you have green fingers, or just love flowers, a plant-inspired name could be perfect for your little one. From Clementine to Grover, these fresh, earthy names evoke all the beauty of nature.

Celestial Baby Names

Earthy names aren't just inspired by this planet, but by the skies above us, too. Why not choose a celestial baby name for your little star?

Flower Baby Names

Baby is as perfect and beautiful as a rose, so why not give them a name that reflects it? Flower baby names are earthy yet romantic, making them an excellent option for your little natural wonder.

Greek Mythology Baby Names

Greek mythology baby names are a great option if you want something earthy and unique. These classic names take inspiration from the elements and inspire visions of sunny islands, thrashing oceans, and more.

Green Baby Names

If you're hoping to raise baby to be as environmentally conscious as you are, green baby names are a great option. Earthy and natural, these names are inspired by the planet we love and cherish.

Hippie Baby Names

With a starry twinkle in their eye, a laugh that would put a babbling brook to shame, and little toes squidging in the sand, baby will be perfectly suited to one of these hippie baby names. With some earthy influence in the naming department, your little River or Rain will be right at home in Mother Nature!

Mineral and Gemstone Baby Names

Geology is a worldwide fascination! With the Earth as old as it is, there is so much to learn from the minerals and gemstones that make it up. Ignite baby’s love of the natural world with a mineral or gemstone baby name.

Nature Baby Names

Give baby the gift of a nature-inspired name that will ground them like the roots of a mountain, change with them like the color of the leaves, and grow with them like flowers after a light rain.

Ocean Baby Names

If your siren song is calling out for a baby name as mighty and mysterious as the ocean, give these oceanic names a thought. As sure as the north wind, the sparkling seas will fill your child with as much wonder as their arrival into your strong arms.

Pagan Baby Names

An earthy name like Lachlan or Oren will give baby the wisdom to nurture the planet and fire in their heart to protect the good. Grounded in Pagan traditions, they tell fierce tales of unstoppable goddesses and ancient warriors. With names like these, nothing can stop these children of the Earth.

Rainbow Baby Names

When your time has finally arrived, a rainbow name can help you find the strength to welcome new love into your life. These earthy baby names will envelop your little one in a warm embrace and whisper stories of compassion, beauty, and self-love.

Summer Baby Names

What better way to ground baby than with a name that speaks of the wind and the rain, and the soil where green things grow? Your little Meadow or Rio, Pearl or Hito can carry a love for the natural world close to their heart, wherever the wind takes them.

Water Baby Names

Our planet can feel so changeable these days, but at least some things remain consistent, like the rivers and streams leading faithfully to the sea. If you’re looking to instill a sense of flexibility and perseverance in baby, names like Dylan and Jaffar, Tallula and Nyrie could be perfect.