Updated May 22, 2022

Oceans take up space both physically and metaphorically in this world. Through their vast size, everchanging temperaments, and celestial connection, oceans make their impact known. Ocean baby girl and boy names move with the tides for the baby raised in the go-with-the-flow mindset.

From names harkening to the sea itself to the stories of perseverance and greek mythology, ocean baby names have stories to tell in the multitude. Oceans are shaped by plate movements, volcanoes, and glacial changes, but they never stop their relentless pursuit of the shoreline. Oceans shape the lands we live on and affect everything from our food to our moods. Feeling a connection to these powerful forces of nature will come as easily to baby as breathing if given some encouragement!

Because of the global nature of these mysterious beasts, baby names inspired by the ocean are worldwide gems! From Glin in Wales, Egeria from Greece, Aban from Ghana, and every name in between, ocean baby names are a cultural celebration. Baby can feel ties to their heritage and the beating heart of the sea in just a few syllables. Not to mention the subtle but powerful messaging an ocean name can have! You can remind baby of the steady strength within themselves because of a name that represents the world’s most significant tool for molding and consistency.

Ocean Baby Names
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