By Gabrielle Bennett Senior Content Specialist
Updated April 30, 2024
Roses are red, violets are blue—and boy, oh boy, are there myriad flower baby names for you! Naming baby after the flora throughout life is the closest comparison people have to the sweet smell of baby’s head. It’s hard not to be inspired by nature; from the vibrant colors, the soft scents, and everything else, nature is the easiest muse to find! With this list, we hope you find yourself whisked away by these gorgeous flower baby girl and baby boy names.

Flower Baby Boy Names

Unfortunately, baby boys and flowers don’t go as easily hand-in-hand as baby girls and flora, but have no fear, The Bump’s floral baby boy names are here! These little buds prove that every detail is important. From the petals of a lotus to an entire meadow, every wrinkle on every is to be cherished, and that’s what a flower baby boy name.

Flower Baby Girl Names

Flower baby names and baby girls seem to go hand in hand. You and your precious little sprout have a wide range of inspiration to sift through, whether it’s flower names themselves or a definition paying tribute to its natural roots. Iris and Violet invoke images of delicate petals, while Rosemary and Holly might be perfect for those envisaging less traditional ideas of a flora-inspired baby girl name.

Popular Flower Baby Names

Nature-lovin’, tree-huggin’ babies are becoming more and more the trend with parents these days. Enjoying Mother Nature’s wide, wonderful world and taking life at a pace where you can stop and smell the roses has become the emphasis for a happy, healthy life. Give baby this peace to accompany them while trailblazing with a popular floral baby name.

Unique Flower Baby Names

Some of the beauty of unique floral baby names comes from the different cultures they’re plucked from. These names represent the effortlessly human truth that humans have loved flora around the world and throughout the centuries.

Soft Flower Baby Names

Unsurprisingly, “soft” and “floral” baby names are birds of a feather—or petals a flower? From their shared, inherently delicate nature to their soft scents, babies and flowers also just make sense! With complementary combos all around, a soft floral baby name for your new little bloom couldn’t be more fitting.

Edgy Flower Baby Names

Just because they’re breathtakingly beautiful doesn’t mean that all flalways play nicee time. Edgy floral baby names range from spellings or pronunciations that trip of the tongue in a new path to the heavy feeling of being jam-packed with stories of the imperfect human condition. No matter how broody or trendsetting baby will be, an edgy floral baby name could be the perfect match.
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