If you are looking for a beautiful plant name for baby that is rich in meaning and symbolism, then Fern is a fantastic choice. A girl’s name of Old English origin, Fern derives from the Anglo-Saxon word fearn. It refers to the plant of the same name and those who live among them. Ferns have ancient origins; fossil records of them exist from 100 million years before the dinosaurs. Because they are non-flowering and don’t have seeds, early peoples couldn’t understand how they reproduced, and they became associated with magic and eternal life. Throughout the centuries, they have come to represent different things for different cultures. To the indigenous Maori, ferns symbolize new life and beginnings; in Victorian England, they were emblems of humility and sincerity. These green, leafy, shade-loving plants have also been cultivated for their medicinal properties. With such diverse uses and eclectic meanings, ferns are a dynamic namesake for baby while remaining feminine and pretty.
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