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Q&A: How to Find Out Baby's Gender?

When and how can I find out what gender I’m having?

During your  second trimester ultrasound (between 18 and 22 weeks or so), your practitioner should be able to make out baby’s gender. An accurate reading is more likely if you have a good sonogram machine and an experienced sonographer, but it’s tough to get a 100% guarantee with ultrasound. Amniocentesis and CVS — first and second trimester procedures which look for birth defects — can predict gender with almost total accuracy, but these tests are typically given only to women at risk for genetic abnormalities. Now, if you’re interested in the not quite so scientific (okay, mythical) approach, we’ve got a few more ideas. First, check out our Chinese Gender Chart. According to legend, it predicts with 90% accuracy. Then, hold a pendant or ring on a chain above your head. If it swings back and forth, it’s a boy; around in a circle, it’s a girl. Next, pick up a key. If you grabbed the thinner end, it’s a girl; the thick, round end, it’s a boy. Finally, take off your shirt and check out your chest. If the left boob is bigger, it’s a girl; if the right boob is bigger, it’s a boy. Heard any other tricks for predicting gender? What worked — or didn't — for you?