Classic baby names are those timeless baby names that have been around for years, but remain popular to this day. These classic names feel ageless rather than trendy. Baby names like this are often passed down through the generations. If you are searching for timeless baby names for your baby boy or baby girl, check out The Bump's extensive list of classic baby names below.

Choose from classic baby names that are currently quite popular, or from timeless baby names that feel familiar without feeling common. No matter what style of classic names you want, our list will help you find a name for baby that will stand the test of time.

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What are some popular classic names for baby girls?

As you look through various classic baby names for girls, consider choices like Emma, Charlotte and Olivia, which always feel current. You can even choose a unisex name like Harper that’ll remain gender-neutral. If these names don’t quite hit the spot, not to worry. There are plenty of timeless baby names to peruse in our list below.

What are some popular classic names for baby boys?

Finding classic names for boys is a cinch! Consider timeless baby names like Liam, William and Benjamin, or consider a unisex choice like Dylan for a gender-neutral option that still feels ageless. If these names still aren’t quite on target, check out our selection of classic baby names below to find the right one for your little boy.

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