Classic baby names are the many facets on the cut diamond of naming. With timeless contenders from country, beautiful, traditional, vintage, and so many others, it’s here where you’ll find selections across history. Adding baby to the legacy of names that have been around for decades—and aren’t going anywhere—is an excellent first birthday present.

84 Three-Letter Baby Names

Three-letter names are tiny and sweet just like baby. But being small doesn’t mean they make any less of an impact! Consider a three-letter name for baby if you want to pack that 1-2-punch into every greeting.

Catholic Baby Names

Many classic names have Catholic roots, from Elizabeth to John. These beautiful names date back thousands of years, so why not carry on an ancient tradition by choosing one for your child?

Cowboy & Cowgirl Baby Names

If you're looking for a classic name that evokes the spirit of the Wild West, consider a cowboy or cowgirl baby name for your new arrival. Classic names with an adventurous spirit, such as Marshall or Everly, will help baby stand out from the crowd.

Gothic Baby Names

Why not consider a gothic baby name if you're looking for a name that strikes the perfect balance between classic and unique? These names take inspiration from beloved literature and art, making them an excellent option for your little one.

Handsome Baby Boy Names

Your gorgeous little boy is on the way and it’s time to pick a name for him! By perusing this list of 195 handsome baby boy names, you’re acknowledging baby’s beautiful soul with every letter.

Kingly Baby Names

Is there a new little lord coming into your life? Baby’s run the show, so it’s no surprise that you want a name for all their commanding qualities. A kingly baby name will grow with baby, giving them something regal to hold onto every day of their life.

Long Baby Names

If you’ve always yearned for your future little one to have a unique experience in life, then a long baby name would be a great place to start. With short baby names trending, these multi-syllabic beauties can steal the spotlight with the pleasant way they trip off the tongue.

Medieval Baby Names

If you’re keen on storytelling but the tales of today aren’t quite your jam, a medieval baby name could scratch that itch. These names are full of surprises and ties to the distant past.

National Freedom Day Inspired Baby Names

Happy National Freedom Day! This holiday commemorates one of the first big steps taken toward national equality in the United States. But even if baby wasn’t born on February 1st, they can celebrate this freedom every day with one of these names.

One Syllable Baby Names

If you've had a baby name on the tip of your tongue for weeks, chances are it's a classic one syllable name. They may be simple, but Quinn, Reid, and Jade are anything but ordinary and carry an air of strength and mystery.

Poetic Baby Names

Getting to share your passions in life with others is a special treat. Getting to share your passions with your child is a whole other level! If poetry has inspired you, a poetic baby name will undoubtedly do the same for baby.

Posh Baby Names

Your little one is arriving soon, and, naturally, you want them to be able to live the high life! A posh baby name will give them something foolproof; no matter what life throws their way, they’ll have a name that speaks to a certain sensibility.

Preppy Baby Names

Preppy baby names are classics through and through; they take on the casual and effortless demeanor of someone made for the lap of luxury.

Princely Baby Names

Your little man is en route and to celebrate his grand arrival, you’ll need a name! Princely baby names celebrate the gentleman you intend to raise—and a little bit of stately regality too.

Princess Baby Names

As a rule, your newest arrival is the crown jewel in your family collection. So why not give that characteristic glitter to your sweet princess with a princess baby name?

Queenly Baby Names

Queenly baby names celebrate your darling addition to the family in style. They highlight the ample history the title of queen holds while also holding that powerful femininity close to the heart.

Rainbow Baby Names

Like the dreamy glow of a rainbow, these classic baby names tell a story of beauty, wonder, and new beginnings. When your little sprout arrives, why not bestow a name as strong and resilient as you?

Romantic Baby Names

If the sweeping strings of an orchestra make your chest swell with emotion, it’s no surprise you’ve found yourself on this list of romantic baby names. Give baby the joyous indulgence of finding all things in life to be a spot of romance with a selection from this list of storytelling names.

Top 200 Three-Syllable Baby Girl Names

Three-syllable girl names are a gorgeous tribute to the times of yore and the modern twists in equal measure! The top 200 three-syllable names for your darling little girl celebrate a variety of family trees in the orchard and house definitions to make your heart skip a beat.

Top 204 Three-Syllable Baby Boy Names

Choosing a baby name can be tough. But picking from classic baby names makes that choice a lot easier! Browse through this list of the top 204 three-syllable baby boy names for your bouncing baby boy, and you’ll find the perfect fit in no time.

Traditional Baby Names

Perhaps you’re looking for that perfect middle name, or a timeless name that can connect baby to the past while also taking them into the future. Little Julie and Bonita can find joy alongside Cosmo and Terrence, carrying with them the love and care you put into finding their ideal name.

Twin Baby Names for Boys & Girls

Twins are rare, and finding names that feel like the perfect fit somehow feel even rarer! Use this list for inspiration or to find your dream pair immediately to make the twin-life journey that much easier.

Victorian Baby Names

The wheel of time is always turning, bringing these classic names back into fashion—just in time for baby to arrive! Little Blanche and Cornelia are sure to have a delightful time playing with Julius and Silas, their thoughtful names harkening back to ages past.

Vintage Baby Names

When you’re searching for a baby name that can stand the test of time, the classics are a terrific place to start. Gems like Leo and Aaron might stand out alongside Naomi and Clara as lovely contenders to name your little one.