By Gabrielle Bennett Senior Content Specialist
Updated February 01, 2024

Baby’s bound to be the cutest thing you’ll have ever seen, so why not give them a name to match? Cute baby names bring a smile to everyone who hears them—from endearing meanings to bubbly sounds and everything in between. Give baby the chance they deserve to seize their destiny as the most adorable baby to have ever lived with a cute baby girl, boy, or gender-neutral name.

Cute Baby Boy Names

Cute boy names offer a wide variety of definitions and inspirations to refine the cutest of the cute! From Spud and Bobo to Dajaun and Kamji, cute boy names have the power to make anyone smile.

Cute Baby Girl Names

The impact of a name comes not only from the sound but from its definition, and cute baby girl names are no exception! These definitions range from literally “cute” and “a gift” to “small flower” and “heart.” These sweet names prove to everyone just how loved and special baby is with only a few letters.

Cute & Charming Baby Names

Names that possess a bit of whimsy and a whole lot of cuteness call this list their home! From more obvious homages to playful mischief like Jinx to Ramith with a subtler claim to charm, cute and charming baby names are just that. With a charming name and baby’s impossibly adorable face, you might just be setting baby up to take the world for themselves.

Magical & Cute Baby Names

Introducing baby into your life is one of the most magical things you can do, so why not highlight their grand appearance with a fitting name? These cuties call upon the otherworldly charm of elf friends and the natural beauty of the world around them in equal measure. Give baby a direct route to the magic of this world with a cute and magical baby name.

Sweet & Cute Baby Names

Few things in life can compare to how sweet it is to hold your little one, and it’s nigh impossible to describe the feeling! But you can get a little closer to sharing that feeling with a sweet baby name that has a definition doing the heavy lifting. From your faith in religions to faith in the natural world, these names have something for every parent.

Country Cute Baby Names

Names from the country are sweet as apple pie and feel like the sun kissing your skin. With inspirations ranging from creekbeds to oak trees, it’s easy to feel the love with one of these names. Give baby the opportunity to fall for the wild countryside just like you did with one of these classic country-cute baby names.
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