By Gabrielle Bennett Senior Content Specialist
Published April 04, 2024
Though the term non-binary is prominent in the zeitgeist, non-binary people have always been around all over the world! It’s the term for people who don’t feel like the gender binary correctly identifies them, and it makes sense that parents nowadays are looking to accommodate this in advance! By choosing a non-binary baby name, parents can leave baby open to taking whatever identity they feel best represents them without any sort of bias to guide them.

Popular Non-Binary Baby Names

Popular non-binary baby names are names that have become more and more beloved year after year, without obvious gender conformism. In these names, feminism and masculinity live in harmony, balancing out as the bearer sees fit. More often, these names take the majority of their influence from nature, perfectly encapsulating that essential balance.

Unique Non-Binary Baby Names

Much like the popular names, unique non-binary baby names are frequently environmentally influenced! But besides these natural beauties, this selection features less commonly chosen names. They highlight a person’s individuality and create space for your little one to define its connotations all on their own.

Edgy Non-Binary Baby Names

As a parent in this climate choosing a name that defies gender conformity, you’re probably no stranger to “edgy” choices. But even if what you’re doing shouldn’t be qualified as anything other than refreshing, sometimes edgy choices are actually just cool. Your little one will be raised in a home that accepts them for whoever they become, and nothing really is cooler than that.

Cute Non-Binary Baby Names

Baby doesn’t need gender conformity to be cute as a button all lifelong! These charming names keep things short and quippy with fun pop culture connotations and bubbling onomatopoeia in equal measure. Consider a cute non-binary baby name for the adorable new addition to the family.

More Non-Binary Baby Names

With the binary conventions of gender primarily popular in Western cultures, it’s no surprise that non-binary names traditionally represent cultures from all over the world. However—beautifully—today’s totally neutral names are found in the Western world, too. From Scandinavia to Japan to America and back again, non-binary baby names are names made for everyone.
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