Are you looking for cool baby names? Choosing a unique baby name for your new arrival is a big responsibility. There are many cool baby names that leave a lasting impression and it can be difficult to pinpoint your true favorites. Look no further! The Bump has compiled a list of over 100 of the coolest baby names out there. With cool names for baby boys and baby girls, we’ve covered all the bases to make your search as easy as possible.This A- Z list is composed of one - of - a - kind baby names that originate from around the world and many have distinct meanings behind their origin.Whatever you are searching for, this detailed list of cool baby names is sure to spark your imagination.
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Cool Baby Boy Names

Want your newborn son to stand out at kindergarten? Blending traditional American names is a fun way of creating a name that is more contemporary. For instance, Braylon combines the names Brayden and Jaylen. Why not take some inspiration from the beautiful outdoors? Kai is a cool baby boy name of Hawaiian descent and directly translates as ‘sea’ or ‘ocean’. Other cool baby boy names can be found when researching popular European names. The name Daxton is of French origin and can even be shortened to Dax for a name full of boy-ish charm.

Cool Baby Girl Names

Hoping to find the perfect cool baby girl name that represents your newborn’s individuality? This organized list of names is sure to make your decision simpler. Why not put a modern twist on something classic? The names Louise and Ella can be combined to form Luella which is of French origin. Look back in time and find names that were fashionable over 100 years ago. Inez is the Spanish version of the name Agnes and is the Greek word for ‘pure’.

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