The chance to name baby for their heritage should be deeply cherished. This is an opportunity to impart values and family history with just a few syllables. If baby comes from a mixed and proud heritage, maybe pluck a couple of these names for a multi-cultural celebration every day. From African to Yiddish and dozens of languages and places in between, picking a baby name by origin will have baby’s homeland flags on display in no time.


African Baby Names
Celebrate your heritage with this list of beautiful, meaningful names from all over Africa. From Jahzara to Ayomide, these gorgeous names will inspire baby to connect with their rich culture.
American Baby Names
Honor the beautiful diversity of the country you love with a list of American baby names. From Jaden to Gracelyn, these gorgeous names will make baby proud to be part of this unique cultural melting pot.
Arabic Baby Names
From Leila to Nasir, this list of Arabic names will help you share the gift of your heritage with baby. The centuries-old language is part of many cultures, resulting in a wonderful selection of names that are rich with meaning and history.
Aramaic Baby Names
Honor your heritage and get inspired by one of the earliest written languages with an Aramaic baby name. From Raziel to Thada, these names carry history and significance in every syllable.
Armenian Baby Names
If you have Armenian heritage, why not give baby a name that celebrates their background? From Armen to Nyree, these charming names resonate with beauty and meaning.
Australian Baby Names
If baby has Australian ancestry, why not choose a name that honors their roots? From Coen to Kylie, these Aussie names reflect the country’s rich tapestry of cultures and languages.
Aztec Baby Names
Though the Aztecs technically only reigned for a little over 200 years, their people, the Mexicas, have survived since the 1300s! With over a million people—and counting, thanks to baby!—to connect to the people of the past, Aztec baby names can provide a sense of home no matter how far baby roams.


Babylonian Baby Names
Honor your heritage with a baby name from one of ancient history's greatest civilizations. From Lilith to Balthazaar, these timeless names can inspire new generations to accomplish amazing feats.
Baby Names for Greek American Heritage Month
Greek American baby names highlight baby’s vast family roots and give them the chance to be proud of their heritage every time they’re introduced.
Baby Names for Irish American Heritage Month
If Irish American Heritage Month coincides with baby’s arrival and their roots are that same evergreen of the island itself, then a name from this list could be exactly what you need!
Basque Baby Names
Pay tribute to a rich and ancient culture by giving baby a name from the beautiful Basque Country. From Alaia to Zorion, these unique names evoke the majestic Basque Mountains and the waters of the Bay of Biscay.
Bilingual Baby Names
Growing up in today’s world means that knowing multiple languages will only be a benefit! No matter what languages you teach baby first, the act of learning languages will help carve out some key developmental paths for baby.
Brazilian Baby Names
If baby has the sincere privilege of being born with familial ties to one of the most vibrant and history-filled countries in the world, then a Brazilian baby name just makes sense.
British Baby Names
Whether you're British by blood or just a passionate Anglophile, what's not to love about British names? Thanks to their classic appeal, names of British origin like Archie and Edith have remained steadfastly popular throughout the years.
British Baby Boy Names
British baby boy names come from the pages of famous literary works, movie scripts, or any other number of places where the British have made their influence known. If you're a pure Anglophile, then any one of these names could be for you.
British Baby Girl Names
British baby girl names are often nods to the ladies of the monarchy, but sometimes they're also just the fun names these prolific people have come up with. Give baby a taste of these rolling hillsides and bustling cities with a British baby name.
Bulgarian Baby Names
If you're of Bulgarian descent, why not honor your heritage by choosing a Bulgarian name for your little one? Traditionally of Slavic or European Christian origin, Bulgarian names are full of beauty and meaning.


Icelandic Baby Names
Icelandic baby names are for your gorgeous little Icelandic kiddo. Let them celebrate their ancient heritage and connection to a historically significant culture.
Indian Baby Names
Give baby the ultimate gift and choose one of these beautiful Indian baby names. If you love their lilting sounds and wish to honor Indian heritage, this selection is filled with options as vibrant and lively as the country from which they came.
Irish Baby Names
Give your little lucky charm one of these magical Irish baby names. With such a rich history and language, this group of names will ensure baby feels right at home on the Emerald Isle.
Irish Baby Boy Names
The music, the history, and the perseverance in every soul are the stuff Irish folks are made of. An Irish baby boy name could be the cherry on top to baby's heritage celebration, and who wouldn't want that?
Irish Baby Girl Names
Irish baby girl names tell the myriad stories in which the women of this world have been absolutely badass at the least and downright otherworldly at the most. These names are celebrations of baby's fierce and colorful heritage, perfect for the new little lady in your life.
Italian Baby Names
This gorgeous selection of Italian baby names will have you and your newest addition saying, grazie mille! You'll find names as melodic, romantic, and beautiful as Italy itself, all the while celebrating baby's heritage.
Italian Baby Boy Names
Italy is a land brimming with music, food, art, and history. Choosing an Italian baby boy name gives baby a piece of this beautiful country to take with them no matter where they call home.
Italian Baby Girl Names
Italian baby girl names are a celebration of the beautiful country so many lay heritage claim to. If you're searching for ways for baby to remember their family tree no matter where they are, consider offering them an olive branch from their homeland.


Sanskrit Baby Names
Sanskrit is a beautiful language that has courageously withstood millennia. Why not honour your Indo-Aryan roots by giving baby a unique name with a mighty history? From noble Aryan to wise Veda, your little miracle will surely tell a story worthy of their ancestors.
Scandinavian Baby Names
If you've been bingeing Vikings or The Last Kingdom lately, you're probably inspired to give your baby an epic Scandinavian name. With one of these, your little Scandinavian god or goddess will surely unleash their feisty side—just ideally not at bath time!
Scottish Baby Names
A new addition to your clan is the perfect time to show some love for your Scottish heritage. With a mighty baby name like these, your little highlander will have a strong and proud culture to lean on.
Scottish Baby Boy Names
Scottish baby boy names celebrate baby's highlander blood. They come from the rugged plains and wistful songs that make Scotland a home to many, in soul and body. Consider a Scottish baby boy name to celebrate baby's heritage.
Scottish Baby Girl Names
Baby's heritage is no doubt going to be a part of their identity long-term, so why not give them a name to embody this spirit? Scottish baby girl names are rife with attitude and determination, just like your sweet wee babe.
Slavic Baby Names
Your baby's name should fill you with pride and joy, and if you're looking to honor your heritage, the experience will be even sweeter. These beautiful Slavic names mean anything from dawn and light to morning star. What a glorious name for your little ray of sunshine!
Spanish Baby Names
Spanish surnames tell a story as unique as a fingerprint, and your baby's first name is its epic prequel. Inspired by such a rich culture, baby will bloom and grow, spreading love and passion wherever their heart takes them.
Spanish Baby Boy Names
If you hear your heritage calling to you and you are moments away from holding your gorgeous little boy, it might be the perfect time to consider a Spanish baby boy name!
Spanish Baby Girl Names
Spanish baby girl names are a wholistic treat! They sound beautiful, they trip off the tongue with ease, and they have gorgeous meanings to boot. Consider options that celebrate baby's being, from soul to heritage in one fell swoop.
Swahili Baby Names
If you’re looking to connect with your heritage, particularly in East Africa, these Swahili baby names might be just the thing. Baby Lulu might be your precious pearl, while baby Ayana can be the flower of your life. Give them a deep connection to their family and the past with these gorgeous names.
Swedish Baby Names
If you’re hoping to foster baby Tova’s love of Tove Jansson’s Moomins, or baby Bjorn’s interest in legendary Viking, Björn Ironside, look no further. Both will love the thought and care you’ve put into choosing such enthralling names, especially if you’re of Swedish descent.
Swiss Baby Names
The Swiss people have centuries of history and cross-cultural collaboration that have formed a deeply unique culture and heritage for baby to call home. No matter if they’re from the French Swiss, Austrian Swiss, Italian Swiss, or anywhere else, a Swiss baby name can pay an homage to your little one’s deep family roots.