It’s not a leap to connect “Italian baby girl names” with “beauty”. They tend to have that quintessentially gorgeous Italian lilt while still boasting a wide variety of names to fit any and every personality type. Whether baby will be the elegant belle of the ball or a rambunctious little genius — or most likely, a lovely combination of it all — Italian baby girl names are well versed in finding the perfect fit for anyone.

Luckily for us, there’s plenty of variations of the classic Italian names that make sorting through this list easy. These names will highlight baby’s heritage and give her something truly unique to take with her every day, but each with a different flavor. Names meaning life, beauty, and a vast array of other options will give baby a zest for life and encourage her to be her best every day. With so much inspiration given daily by just saying her name, you’ll be giving baby an excellent first birthday present.

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