By Gabrielle Bennett Senior Content Specialist
Updated April 30, 2024
Congratulations on your newest flower child! Naming baby after earthy influences, or even just for the vibes, is perfectly understandable. Sometimes you can’t explain it, but you just know when a thing feels right and we encourage you to trust that gut instinct. Hippie baby girl and baby boy names are cute as a button, so that gut instinct definitely won’t lead you astray here. If you try the names out loud you’ll realize soon enough that baby is going to feel right as rain with one of these hippie baby names.

Hippie Baby Boy Names

Unsurprisingly, hippie culture has spread worldwide over the years with plenty of different focal points around the world making it unique despite the common interest. Hippie baby boy names are no different! They range from Finnish to Sanskrit in languages and Turkey to Hawaii on the map, just to name a few of the homage possibilities you have with a hippie baby boy name.

Hippie Baby Girl Names

Whether it’s the chipper chirping of the birds high in the trees or twinkling stars high above, hippie baby girl names will remind baby of that not even the sky is the limit when it comes to her potential! They give some love to the wild, bustling world she could get lost in, while still recognizing the importance every individual’s actions.

Popular Hippie Baby Names

Loving nature and living life with love in your heart are pillars of the hippie life. And when the boxes are so easy to tick, it’s not surprising that there are plenty of parents who have tried out hippie names for their little ones for decades. When this lifestyle is already embedded into your bones, it just makes sense to give baby a name to help follow suit.

Unique Hippie Baby Names

Choosing to raise baby in the peace-loving life is something many parents do, but what if you started teaching that lesson from day one? Unique hippie baby names tell tales of the lands all around the world, imparting reminders to appreciate this beautiful world no matter how far they roam.

Creative Hippie Baby Names

Creative hippie baby names are similar to unique hippie baby names but with a little more penchant for flair. These names are frequently passed over, but they deeply embody the values of hippie life by plucking inspiration right from nature and the fantastical tales passed down through the generations.

Nature-Inspired Hippie Baby Names

There are hardly two subjects that go more hand in hand than natural influences and hippie baby names. These names call upon the forces of nature literally and figuratively! From the actual elements of the earth to the centuries of Mother Nature’s influence, nature-inspired hippie baby names encompass the whole wide world in a hug.
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