bear or Thor, the eagle

The legendary King Arthur, who formed the Round Table (with his knights) in sixth-century England, made the name popular in the Middle Ages. Yet there’s not much agreement on what the name means—everything from “bear” (from the Celtic “artos”) to “Arnthor” (an Old German name that means “Thor, the eagle.” After languishing for almost a century, the name is making a comeback thanks to parents like actress Selma Blair, who named her son Arthur in 2011.
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Royal Baby Names
The fearless son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, Arthur had an intense interest in the military at a young age. He entered the Royal Military College in 1866 when he was 16 and served his country for 40 years in various positions. This Duke of Connaught and Strathearn also served as the Governor General of Canada. He married Princess Louise of Prussia, and they had three children, Margaret, Arthur and Patricia.
Disney Baby Names
In “The Sword in the Stone,” Arthur is a British orphan who ends up becoming the king of England as a child. Wart, as he’s commonly known, has an active imagination, dreaming of becoming a knight. He meets up with a kind wizard named Merlin, who educates Wart about life and the importance of knowledge. When Wart is able to pull a legendary sword from a stone during a tournament, it means he is the true king of England.

Famous Arthurs

Wondering who else shares this baby name? Check out these well known icons that made this baby name famous.
  • Queen Victoria and Prince Albert
  • Arthur Darvill
    TV Actor
  • Arthur Ashe
    Tennis Player
  • Arthur Miller
  • Arthur C. Clarke

Arthur: Baby Name Popularity


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