By Gabrielle Bennett Senior Content Specialist
Updated April 30, 2024
Have Harry and Meghan’s growing family got you feeling inspired for your new little prince or princess on the way? Or maybe you’ve been delving into the archives for a little bit of noble-style inspiration for baby’s grand appearance. Because, of course, the excitement that gathers around coronations and jubilees can only be outmatched by the energy around the impending arrival of a new member of your family! What with monarchies around the globe being the talk of the town for centuries, it’s no surprise you’ve found yourself here and looking for a royal baby girl, boy, or gender-neutral name for the new ruler of your life.

Royal Baby Boy Names

Though you have your classic selections from the world-famous British monarchy, there are plenty of other royal baby boy names to choose from! So whether your little man has heritage ties to the Empire or their royal line comes from somewhere a little further abroad, royal baby boy names will have that crown practically leaping off the velvet pillow and onto his head.

Royal Baby Girl Names

Princesses and Queens from the British monarchy have been the subject of headlines and cover news stories for decades. If you were one of the many inspired by Lady Diana’s life as a figurehead or your little gal en route is royal from a different bloodline, you can rest assured that your little girl is going to demand respect from everyone she meets.

Popular Royal Baby Names

Seeing as the British Empire and the English monarchy is perhaps the most famous ruling institution in history, it’s unsurprising that popular royal baby names would include some from this family. However, other popular selections offer a more wholistic and worldly view on royalty, just in case your family tree’s roots extend a little further.

Unique Royal Baby Names

Unique royal baby names do their due diligence when it comes to recognizing royalty all around the globe—and from all different times! From Romania to Brazil, your little one’s heritage is covered with this sweet selection. If you’re hoping for worldly influences to coincide with recognition for baby’s noble air, then unique royal baby names are the place to look!

Elegant Royal Baby Names

In all the romanticized stories from history and fiction and the castles still standing today, royalty and elegance go hand-in-hand. From manners to manors, you really can’t have royalty without elegance! However, you can have elegance without a claim to a throne, which means these fine names can bedeck baby with something as fanciful as they deserve.

Classic Royal Baby Names

The classics of royal baby names in the Western world certainly highlight the powerhouse of the British royal family. All the way back to Victoria and reaching forward to Meghan, these names are classics because they are royal. However, it’s not just about Great Britain with these selections; you can highlight baby’s non-Anglo-Saxon heritage too!
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