Updated May 22, 2022

Feeling inspired by The Crown or maybe the news about Harry and Meghan and their gorgeous little babies for your royal baby name needs? Regardless, you have come to the right place. We have felt inspired by the new movements in the royal family, too, and have put together a list just for it!

Film, books, TV shows, and even the news have a tendency to give a special glow around all things royal. The glamour of their events speak to a time much older than present day and getting a glimpse of those old traditions can excite everyone, maybe even baby! Royalty as a whole, with the royal family and their events, can inspire so much excitement, but very few things compare to the announcement of a new royal baby and the long awaited royal baby name they’ll be given.

Royal names are often rich with history and familial importance, just like the names we choose for baby are. But where the royalty might choose a regnal name when they accede to the monarchy, we tend to stick with just our born name — which means it has to be a good one! Royal baby boy names like Charles and William are of course classics, but if you’re looking for royal names for girls, maybe consider Diana, Catherine, or Meghan.

However, as the royal family continues to grow, the more the list of royal names flourishes. The newest additions being lovely vintage names with modern spins like Lillibet and Archie make our hearts burst. But, the royal baby names that spend the most time in the headlines aren’t even the extent of it! We love the royal names descended from all of the family members and we think you will, too.