By Gabrielle Bennett Senior Content Specialist
Updated May 10, 2024
If you’re in the market for a baby girl name as stunning as baby, look no further! Popularity looks different between the top 100 Social Security Administration baby girl names and The Bump's most popular girl names, giving you plenty of options. The top popular baby girl names are a treat for the ears and the heart, with choices pulled from hundreds of inspirations!

Social Security Administration’s Top 100 Baby Girl Names

Every parent wants to choose the perfect name for the newest addition to their family, and by perusing the most popular baby girl names, you can compare your choices with all of your peers’! Below, you’ll find the year’s 100 most common baby girl names in the US, according to the Social Security Administration, as well as the most popular girl names among families who turn to The Bump for baby name inspiration. With so many options to choose from, you can rest assured that you’ll find just the right fit for your newborn.

The Bump's Top 738 Baby Girl Names for 2024

Baby girl names just keep getting more special! They range from the inevitable Kai and Olivia all the way to the revisited classics like Penelope and Eleanor. The range of these top 738 baby girl names means no matter what you’re inspired by, you’ll find yourself surrounded by a community on the same page!