Top 1000 Baby Names of 2023
By Gabrielle Bennett
Senior Content Specialist
December 12, 2022

Social Security Administration’s Top 100 Baby Names

Taking the roaring 20s to heart, baby names from generations past are coming back swinging for 2021’s top baby names from the Social Security Administration. On the baby boy side of things, the tried-and-tested recent favorites like Liam and Elijah are now accompanied by adorable and distinctly English classics like Henry and Theodore. Similarly, on the baby girl’s side, Evelyn and Harper are making their darling appearance known, resurfacing just in time for baby. The SSA top 200 baby names of 2021 are sure to dazzle, giving any parent the cream of the crop to choose from.

The Bump’s Top 1000 Baby Girl and Boy Names for 2023

The favorite names of the year are keeping things short and sweet, with the occasional throwback, too! As the world’s spread of interest grows, so does the spread of baby name choices. Whether your naming muse is your favorite musical artist, a natural phenomenon, or your faith, The Bump’s top 1,000 baby girl, boy, and gender-neutral names will spark that feeling every day of the year.

The Bump’s Top 1000 Baby Girl and Boy Names for 2023


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