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Updated April 30, 2024
Needless to say, ancient baby names have been around for a long time. The period of time existing prior to 1400–1500 years ago comprises the time of technically ancient civilizations and accomplishments. From full-scale cities and written languages to making pottery and having a house pet, the factors that made ancient civilizations legitimate civilizations are still what grounds humans today! But even if baby won’t be literally reinventing the wheel, the power vested in an ancient baby girl, boy, or gender-neutral name is one that’ll encourage your little one for a lifetime.

Ancient Baby Boy Names

The beautiful thing about ancient baby boy names is their ability to evolve over time! The ancient peoples that are tirelessly studied now believed wholeheartedly in progression and invention. And even though there are—probably—less monumental foundation-forming discoveries to be made nowadays, your little man can tap into the courage of these world-changing founders with an ancient baby boy name or even a variation on one!

Ancient Baby Girl Names

Though patriarchal civilizations certainly existed in ancient times, women weren’t always completely stripped of their power in society. Consider Hatshepsut of Egypt, Kubaba of Kish in Mesopotamia, Empress Wu Zetian in China, and so many more. Though you might not be naming your little girl directly after a pharaoh or an empress, there are certainly names imbued with the same level of distinction and forward-thinking lifestyle in these ancient baby girl names.

Popular Ancient Baby Names

Though popularity and ancient don’t typically seem like they’d go hand-in-hand, there is definitely some overlap in that naming Venn diagram! These names have stood the test of time—in some cases, actually thousands of years—and are ready to be plucked from heady heights just in time for your little one!

Unique Ancient Baby Names

Unique ancient baby names is really where the fun is at, though! You can dive in headfirst to these names knowing that a wealth of stories, lore, and invention can be unveiled at any given moment. From ancient Greek gods to Sanskrit titles, these names will give baby myriad opportunities for greatness.

Graceful Ancient Baby Names

When you think back to the ancients, it’s easy to just think of their highly recorded military feats or their impressive technological advancements. But these groundbreaking civilizations were so much more than their large-scale accomplishments! They created beautiful art through various mediums—painting clay pots, carving statues, dancing ceremonies, weaving stunning tapestries, and so much more. Give baby a taste of the age-old grace with graceful ancient baby names.

Creative Ancient Baby Names

Picking an ancient name for your brand new little one is already taking the more unique naming route. But you can really double down on this ideal by choosing a creative ancient baby name! These selections highlight uncommon tales and pursuits of history, giving you both effortlessly exciting and unconventional paths to follow in life.
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