Other Origin(s):British
Meaning:One who makes profession of religion for the sake of gain; Am is Lord; Homestead or enclosure at a river-bend
Balaam is a boy's name of Hebrew and British origin. While this name could have a number of meanings, it’s often related to the phrase “one who makes profession of religion for the sake of gain.” Others believe that this name derives from the divines Bal and Am, making this name mean “Am is lord.” As these meanings are interesting, the story of Balaam is complex in the Hebrew Bible. Balaam is a prophet who blesses the Israelites despite King Balak of Moab asking him to do otherwise. However, Balaam is also believed to be a big example of those who chose material things over their religion and faith. Besides Balaam’s religious history and boyish sound—it’s also known as a place in Suffolk, England, that directly translates to a “homestead or enclosure at a river-bend.”
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