If the world is full of too many muses to count, taking a look at the world’s best-kept secrets might be the next step. Take a stab at repurposing age-old family names or maybe draw inspiration from flora and fauna. Unique baby names can help put a title on the most endearing qualities in baby, all the while encouraging them to carve out their own path.

21st Century Baby Names

Choosing names of the here and now will give baby the chance to have a clear identity of the world they were born into when they were! A 21st century baby name is imbued with style and trend for that new-age little stunner in your life.

221 Badass Baby Names

Get inspired by storms, trickster gods, and fictional powerhouses with these badass baby names. Brave, unique, and full of possibilities, this is the perfect list for your little rebel.

50 Fire Names for Baby

From a flickering flame to the blazing sun, fire is a powerful and beautiful thing. With names like Soleil, Sampson, and Blaze, this list of baby names will help you name the force of nature that’s about to light up your life.

Anime Baby Names Straight From Studio Ghibli

With its cast of trainee witches, playful spirits, and fierce princesses, Studio Ghibli films create worlds where the everyday and the marvellous can exist together. These edgy names inspired by the studio’s beloved characters will help baby find magic in unexpected places.

Aesthetic Baby Names

Stand out from the crowd with this list of aesthetic baby names. With modern, gender neutral, and pop-culture-inspired options, find a name that’s as cool as baby’s bound to be.

Animal Baby Names

Honor the wild beauty of nature with an animal-inspired name for baby. From Jai to Hafsa, these edgy names will help your little cub stand out from the crowd.

Baby Names for Baby’s Sign

If you're an astrology expert, you probably already know what star sign baby is going to be. Why not choose a cool, celestially-inspired name that's destined to fit them perfectly?

Baby Names from The Witcher

What could be a cooler source of name inspiration than the dark fantasy world of The Witcher? From noble Geralt to elegant Calanthe, this series is brimming with names that evoke magic, mystery, and adventure.

Baby Names with Dark Meanings

Baby names with dark meanings make themselves at home in edgy settings. Your little badass will no doubt make this world all their own, so why not give them a little bit of underworld access too?

Bad Boy Baby Names

The world has done its due diligence to illustrate the bad boy as the most alluring. If you plan to raise baby to be a kind and gentle soul but still want some of that distinctive edge, a bad boy baby name is the way to go.

Bad Girl Baby Names

“Bad” has come to mean a whole host of things throughout the entirety of English’s seven centuries. Whether it’s the rebel definition or the cool-tinted one, a bad girl baby name serves up sass and ferocity in one fell swoop.

Car-Inspired Baby Names

Car-inspired names can be as obvious or as subtle as you want to be! Whether you need everyone to know how much you love your Ford Mustang or you want to pay multiple homages with Caprice, a car baby name has you covered no matter where the road takes you.

Celestial Baby Names

Evoke the beauty of the skies with a celestial baby name. From Venus to Nyx, this list is full of edgy names inspired by the heavens.

Chaotic Baby Names

Baby is coming and they’re going to turn your world upside down! If you know they’re going to have a penchant for troublemaking—let’s call it “keeping things fresh”—then a baby name invoking chaos will put a label on the heart of your adventurer.

City Baby Names

City-inspired names are always a cool, edgy choice. Pay tribute to the magic of Paris or the elegance of London by giving baby the name of your favorite place.

Cool Baby Names

Baby is already the coolest person you know, so why not give them an effortlessly edgy name? From Maverick to Jagger and Brooklyn to Skyler, cool baby names set the tone for a spunky personality.

Cosmic Baby Names Inspired by Outer Space

Baby is a superstar, so it's only fitting to choose an out-of-this-world name for your new arrival. Cosmic baby names inspired by outer space, such as Venus and Starling, will give baby an ethereal edge reminiscent of the cosmos.

Emmy Award-Winning Baby Names of the 2020s

Anyone can become a celebrity, of course, but there’s something in a name, right? (According to Shakespeare there is, anyway!) Give baby a leg up on the competition with a name already proven to be bursting with talent and tenacity with an Emmy-winning baby name.

Emo Baby Names

Even if you dress differently now, being an emo kid means you’re an emo adult. These names represent the ripe emotions and music that made you who you are. Giving baby an emo baby name offers baby the chance to be a part of what made you, you—without having to go through all the heartache!

Ethereal Baby Names

Ethereal baby names give a taste of that otherworldly mystery, with plenty of stories to share too!

Futuristic Baby Names

Looking to the future is one of the most human experiences out there; you plan your education, the trips you want to go on, or the life you want to build every day. Now that baby’s on the way, the future is arriving sooner than you think! Pick a futuristic baby name to help baby foster that introspective and inventive spirit.

Gothic Baby Names

If you're looking for a name with an edgy spirit, why not consider a gothic baby name? These haunting names call classic literature and art to mind, making them a memorable option for your new arrival.

Greek Mythology Baby Names

If you love daring names with a rich history, consider choosing a baby name from Greek mythology for your new arrival. These names are unique yet powerful, calling to mind epic heroes and their adventures.

Hipster Baby Names

If your passion lies in the most unique and up-to-date music, films, fashion, and art, then giving baby an edgy name like the ones listed below is a flex, TBH. Your little hipster baby will thank you!

Last Names as First Names for Baby

There is a reason why James Bond always introduces himself by his last name first. With this list of last name baby names, your little one will have an equally iconic introduction without having to switch anything around.

Magic Baby Names

Why not consider one of these unique, edgy magic baby names for your little charmer? Forget the traditional magic words, your little one will most likely be saying “abracadabra” or “bibbidi-bobbidi-boo”!

Modern Baby Names

These contemporary and modern baby names will ensure your little one is the ultimate trendsetter all throughout life.

Moody Baby Names

Moody baby names encompass a wide array of interests, origins, and connotations—all for you to explore with baby as they grow! Consider one of these names to help your little one capitalize on their brimming potential.

Mythological Baby Names

Edgy baby names can be defined any way you like! If edgy with a twist of academia and ancient lore if your vibe, then a mythological baby name is the perfect next step.

Nerdy and Geeky Baby Names

With baby’s impending arrival, you’re no doubt looking for the best name to kick off a life of adventuring together. If baby’s going to be familiar with a life of dungeon crawling or exploring the cosmos, then a geeky or nerdy baby name just makes sense.

Punk Rock Baby Names

Punk rock is so much more than just a music genre; it’s denoted a way of life and even occasionally a person’s values throughout the last several decades. If you want to share some of the artists that spoke to your soul with baby, consider a punk rock baby name.

Rare Baby Names

Every parent's dilemma is knowing from well before day one of baby’s life that they’re going to need a name with serious star power, but not knowing where to start. Consider a rare baby girl, boy, or gender-neutral name for your one-of-a-kind little one.

Rock 'n' Roll Baby Names

Rock ‘n’ roll is a genre that made history and highlighted artists from all different genres. If baby is likely to be raised in a home where Jimi Hendrix and Queen are all welcome, then a rock ‘n’ roll baby name is the perfect next step.

Rockstar Baby Names

Rockstar baby names highlight the extraordinary in the ordinary. Their appearance might be a classic, but each name conceals an epic truth. Help baby find the spotlight made for them with a rockstar baby name.

Sassy Baby Names For Your Spunky Little Girl

Sass and little girls go perfectly hand-in-hand. If you want to help baby embody this spirit all lifelong, consider a sassy name for girls bursting with main character energy.

Scary Baby Names

While some people bellow at the first sign of fall, you've probably had Hocus Pocus on repeat and been enjoying pumpkin-spiced lattes for weeks. These edgy and oh-so-scary names, from Salem and Carrie to gender-neutral Nyx, are positively bewitching.

Sci-Fi Baby Names

Science fiction is ahead of the curve in media and books alike, often going so far as to predict the future. If you’re already in the business of reveling in the cutting edge, then a science fiction baby name will suit baby just fine.

Spooky Names for Baby

Give baby a name that reflects how awesome you think they are. With names like Hannibal, Wednesday, and Poe, your little monster is sure to stand out from the crowd in all the best ways.

Uncommon Baby Names

Baby is unique because they’re yours, so why not choose a name that’s one-of-a-kind? Young Yoko is sure to be a rock star, while little Everest and Ulysses will be as adventurous as they dream to be. Feel free to treat the names on this list as gender-neutral, because life’s too short not to think outside the box.

Unique Baby Boy Names

Perfect for your cute little trailblazer, a unique baby boy name will help baby set a precedent for what’s cool all through life.

Unique Baby Girl Names

The innovative soul in your gorgeous little girl will shine through no matter where she goes. But why not give her a unique baby girl name that says it all in just a couple of syllables?

Unique Baby Names

Whether you’re looking for that stand-out name that connects baby to their heritage or a unique name to show they’re extraordinary, this list is for you. Little Vianna and Chidi are sure to be a hit alongside Toshi, Ciaran, and Arti. The sky’s the limit with these edgy, modern baby names.

Video Game Baby Names

Video games aren't as edgy as they seem; they're for everyone! But the names coming from these awesome stories are nothing short of badass. Give baby an edgy name with a geeky twist with a video game baby name.

Weird and Unusual Baby Names

Babies that are allowed to let their freak flag fly are babies that grow up to be thoroughly themselves. Consider an unusual or weird baby name for your little tyke about to take on this increasingly strange world.