Updated May 12, 2022

Do you find yourself drawn to baby names inspired by cities? Certain locations and landscapes that hold a special place in your heart might double as the perfect city baby name for your baby. City baby names can bring to mind a certain style. Some names might have a western vibe, while others feel adventurous or exotic. Regardless of the story behind why you like specific place baby names, they can be a fun and quirky way to carry a piece of that place with you for eternity.

City baby names have grown in popularity because of their versatility. Often, baby names after cities work as gender-neutral names, so once you find a name you love, you’re all set! Unisex baby names after cities like Brooklyn, Peyton and Quincy have become more common of late. Names for boys, like Jackson, or names for girls, like Charlotte, are also topping the charts. Check out our list of city baby names below for more ideas.

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