Meaning:Brother of Amphion
Zethus is a boy’s name with no determined meaning. However, it’s got a colorful past. In Greek mythology, Amphion and Zethus are the twin sons of Zeus. While Amphion is inclined towards music and arts, Zethus takes up hunting and farming. So, if you have twins, this pair of names can encourage them to foster their own personalities and interests and not be conflated as one. The story goes on to credit the twin brothers as the founders of the city of Thebes, having constructed the city’s walls. Inspired by the tale, one of Jupiter’s many moons is called Thebes and a large crater on it is named Zethus, the only named surface feature there. Naming your little one Zethus is not only an homage to where you’re from, but it can also impart an invaluable lesson—to reach for the moon with their feet firmly planted on the ground!
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