The Bump Future of Parenting Report

The Bump is revealing four major trends shaping how parents of today and tomorrow will raise their kids. Read the full story highlighting what families are embracing as they nurture the next generation.
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Empowered Parenting

Here's a truth: Parenting is hard. Rather than strive for unrealistic standards, parents are leaning into authenticity and humor to acknowledge the challenges, emphasize wellbeing and feel empowered to be real.

Modern Families

Today, families come in all shapes and sizes. Household makeups, gender roles and family values have all evolved to give us a modern concept of family that is diverse, inclusive and breaks the mold to celebrate every type of family.


Let's be clear: Children are not small adults. But their thoughts, feelings, opinions and style preferences are no longer being overlooked. Parents are consciously involving their children in their own favorite hobbies and activities, and upgrading their nurseries and outfit choices in favor of a more contemporary design aesthetic. Bye-bye baby looks, and hello mini-me options!

Green Households

Environmental concerns are a top priority for this next generation of parents. They're taking action by teaching their kids about conservation and sustainability, and opting for secondhand, recycled, biodegradable or renewable material products as they navigate the daily demands of raising children.
baby lying in father's arms reading a book