Updated May 22, 2022

When a parent chooses a name for baby, it’s an undeniably hard job. Baby’s future, attitude, potential beliefs, and a number of other factors all tie into what makes the decision so difficult. But when you’ve done the hard part, it’s time to get into the cutest part! That’s giving baby a nickname, of course! Cute baby boy and girl nicknames come in the dozens and are ready to be worn with style by baby.

Nicknames for baby have a wide range of adorable and fun alternatives for names that are more suitable to baby’s future as a professional. Of course, nicknames like Gabby or Johnny are natural fits for the Gabrielles or Jonathans of the world. These give the everyday professional a relaxed alternative for growing up or familiarity around friends.

But there are also more obscure nicknames for baby that might make baby’s name feel eternally fun. Cute nicknames like Xena and Vava could give your gorgeous girl that vibrant life you dream of for her! Or, on the flip side, the name you need could be to help differentiate between baby and a beloved uncle or other. Baby boy nicknames like Gio and Benji are energetic alternatives to the classics you could never pass up as their first names.

By boosting your name choice with an adorable nickname for everyday uses, you’re setting baby up perfectly for situations both formal and informal. Whether they’ll need a pithy stage name for the red carpet or one suited to the nameplate on a corner office, baby could use a cute nickname for the lighter side of life.

Baby Boy and Girl Nicknames
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