Updated May 12, 2022

Congratulations on your new little pumpkin on the way! If you’re like us at The Bump, one of the first things on your mind is how to pick the perfect name for baby. Whether you’re fresh out of ideas or wanting to explore some new options, try out some sweet-as-apple-pie country baby girl or baby boy names that could be exactly right for you!

The selection of country gender neutral names have a big range of reclaimed names from regions all over the world. Hunter and Riley used to be names just for baby boys, but now they’re cropping up everywhere as gender neutral options to give your gorgeous country baby any name you want.

But just because there’s plenty gender neutral names doesn’t mean there’s nothing to show for country baby boy or girl names! James, Nash, and Austin are just a few of the handsome contenders in the running. And if you’re looking for something more specifically feminine, — maybe digging into your roots as a Georgia peach — country girl names like Victoria or Annabelle could be just delectable for baby. These names speak to that sweet smell you only get from rural countryside’s freshly mown grass or that delicate scent off baby’s head.

Country names are sweet like iced tea on a summer’s day and we know baby is, too! The perfect country baby girl, boy, or gender neutral name is as tempting as that cobbler cooling in the window and just as easy to snatch up! Take a look and fall in love with the country name that is just right for you and baby both.

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