By Gabrielle Bennett Senior Content Specialist
Updated April 30, 2024
Short baby names are undeniably catchy; they cut to the chase while leaving a long-lasting impression. The lovely thing about short baby names is that the only thing they have in common is the number of letters they each have, giving you the flexibility of any of your favorite definitions in a neat package. These quippy delights will give baby an edge in any introduction when the options range from Ari to Xena. Choose a short baby girl, boy, or gender-neutral name to shake things up on the playground.

Short Baby Boy Names

Short baby boy names treat the bearer to a variety of definitions, cultures, and tales for a lifelong adventure. Whether it’s the mythos that have drawn you in or the zany flavor of something truly modern, short baby boy names have it all at their chubby little fingertips.

Short Baby Girl Names

Your little girl could grow up to be obsessed with vintage looks, next generation effects, or even things completely otherworldly, and she needs a name to fit all of these pursuits! A short baby girl name broadens the horizons of the naming convention with a little bit of everything coming to the table in just a few letters at a time.

Popular Short Baby Names

If you’re a parent who wants to ride the waves of the top trends, then a popular baby name with a spunky edge should do the trick. Names like Kai, Isha, and Nova have risen to the top of the pile for their snappy, new-age feel. But it’s not just the top three that are undoubtedly stylish; there are some nature- and novel-inspired names all throughout this list.

Unique Short Baby Names

One of the beautiful things about short baby names is that they’re chosen by how many letters they have rather than meanings or specific themes! These awesome names come from different origins, have varied definitions, and have an extensive range of affects.

Cute Short Baby Names

Have you ever seen something so cute you actually felt a little angry about it? Well, baby is going to be so adorable you can’t even stand it, so best to lean into it and make them even cuter with a cute short baby name. Think of it as immersion therapy for your cuteness aggression!

Cool Short Baby Names

Short names are already pretty cool; they leave a lasting impact with only four letters or so! But take it up a notch with distinctly cool-as-a-cucumber choices with short names that are practically begging to be apart from the crowd. These gorgeous selections come from books, movies, and even ancient Greek myths, tied up in a tiny, self-assured package.
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