Updated May 22, 2022

There’s something in the air, old sport. Vintage baby names are coming back swinging and for good reason, too. Baby is already the bee’s knees and we firmly believe they deserve a name that proves that. We know that searching for a name for baby can be really tough; you can spend all day reading through lists and still not get that special feeling. But we also know that we can trust these old fashioned names to come up with the perfect fit for baby.

Feeling like you’d like to take inspiration from classic period films? Try a vintage name like Stella. Maybe books like The Great Gatsby getting a resurgence is making you itch for the name Daisy or Jay. It’s also possible that baby names taken from the golden age of cinema are calling to you so a vintage name like Scarlet feels like home. Or even if none of that applies, we know that whatever your reasons for picking old fashioned girl names or boy names, this list has you covered.

We feel inspired by these vintage baby names that are already steeped in history and we know you’ll love them, too. Baby is born to be a starlet and naming them accordingly with one of these vintage baby names makes that next step easy peasy lemon squeezy.

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