By Gabrielle Bennett Senior Content Specialist
Updated April 30, 2024
There’s something in the air, old sport. Vintage baby names are coming back swinging and for good reason, too. With plenty of trendy resurgences of the classics, names like Daisy and Jay or even Fitzgerald are coming front and center once again. But even if it’s not The Great Gatsby you’re inspired by, names from Jane Austen’s time to the golden age of cinema are perfectly at home in this list. Baby is already the bee’s knees, so why not give them a vintage girl, boy, or gender-neutral name to help them keep that moxy alive all lifelong?

Vintage Baby Boy Names

Men throughout the ages have created countless classics in countless mediums. Think of the likes of Elton John, Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, and even Teddy Roosevelt! So many of the greats have been creatives out of necessity; imagine who they could’ve been if they’d had today’s method of nurturing! The sky’s the limit for your little man—and he’s got you on his side!—so why not give him a vintage baby boy name that’ll encourage that creativity daily?

Vintage Baby Girl Names

Ladies have been busy throughout history. Busy being the most accomplished, determined, and educated despite what opportunities haven’t been handed to them. From Agatha Christie to Nellie Barsness and every remarkable woman in between, women have fought tirelessly to have their names in the history books. Embolden your little girl every single day with a vintage baby girl name and a hero to look up to in one fell swoop.

Popular Vintage Baby Names

Popular vintage names are popular for a reason! Famous bearers, fictional and nonfictional, have brought these stars to the limelight. Often recognized for their tenacity, moxy, and innovative spirit above all else, the names themselves have taken on their legacies, too. Give baby a chance at making history with a popular vintage baby name.

Unique Vintage Baby Names

By going vintage, you’re already giving baby that stand-out quality on the playground, but you can take that to the next level with a unique vintage baby name! These names offer uncommon spellings, overlooked geniuses, and ample stories to tell throughout a lifetime.

Classic Vintage Baby Names

If you’re looking for something truly timeless, a classic vintage baby name is the clear route to take. These beauts have had ample stage time, bestseller lists, and many an award for the ingenuity of their bearers. Give baby a limitless amount of encouragement to seek out what makes them definitively themselves.

Edgy Vintage Baby Names

Of course, throughout history, some of the people who made a name for themselves did it with a mind for creative problem-solving. But, going the path less chosen often leads to the most remarkable discoveries! Give baby the tools to blaze their own trail and a legacy to stand by with an edgy vintage baby name.
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