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Top Baby Names by Year

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Top 1000 Baby Names of 2022
The new millennium is in full swing, and it’s never been easier to find a name that honors tradition while also being fit for the future. With 1000 gender-neutral and unique names to choose from, as well as the SSA’s top 20, baby is sure to stand out from the crowd.
Top 1000 Baby Names of 2021
If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for all the best in baby names, welcome! Here you’ll find everything from Maeve to Mia, and Kailani to Khadijah. The world is your oyster with names that are sure to guide baby through life, safe in the knowledge that they are sincerely loved.
The Top 400 Baby Names in 2020
The top names of 2020 are a lot more fun than the year itself! Channel John Green’s Paper Towns with baby Margot, or honor the memory of Alex Trebek with little Alexander. With 400 names to choose from, you’re sure to find one that sparks joy.
The 200 Most Popular Baby Names of 2019
2019 was a great year for names. Let baby channel the energy you felt when they captured the first image of a black hole with names that spark adventure and curiosity. Baby Luca might shed light on new discoveries, while little Nova is sure to shine like a star.
21st Century Baby Names
Celebrate this ever-changing modern world by choosing a 21st century name for baby. Whether you select a gender-neutral name or a fresh take on an old classic, there are plenty of unique options on this list of contemporary names.
Victorian Baby Names
Victorian baby names come from an age where western society was deciding on its most-posh identity. If you're on the search for a vintage name, a Victorian baby name should do just the trick.
Vintage Baby Names
We’ve entered the new ‘20s, old sport, and these vintage names are quickly becoming the cat’s pajamas! Baby Lucy or Santiago is sure to dance a Charleston or two when they see how much love you’ve put into finding their perfect name.

Classic Baby Names

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Biblical Baby Names
The Bible has been a source of name inspiration for a very long time, with classic names like Elizabeth and John in use for thousands for years. Why not carry on the tradition by choosing a beautiful Biblical name for your little one?
Catholic Baby Names
Many classic names have Catholic roots, from Elizabeth to John. These beautiful names date back thousands of years, so why not carry on an ancient tradition by choosing one for your child?
Cowboy & Cowgirl Baby Names
If you're looking for a classic name that evokes the spirit of the Wild West, consider a cowboy or cowgirl baby name for your new arrival. Classic names with an adventurous spirit, such as Marshall or Everly, will help baby stand out from the crowd.
Elegant Baby Names
Classic names like Grace, Robert, and Elizabeth are sophisticated and timeless. Consider an elegant baby name for your little one if you're looking for a name that will never go out of style.
Gothic Baby Names
Why not consider a gothic baby name if you're looking for a name that strikes the perfect balance between classic and unique? These names take inspiration from beloved literature and art, making them an excellent option for your little one.
Medieval Baby Names
If you’re keen on storytelling but the tales of today aren’t quite your jam, a medieval baby name could scratch that itch. These names are full of surprises and ties to the distant past.
One Syllable Baby Names
If you've had a baby name on the tip of your tongue for weeks, chances are it's a classic one syllable name. They may be simple, but Quinn, Reid, and Jade are anything but ordinary and carry an air of strength and mystery.
Rainbow Baby Names
Like the dreamy glow of a rainbow, these classic baby names tell a story of beauty, wonder, and new beginnings. When your little sprout arrives, why not bestow a name as strong and resilient as you?
Traditional Baby Names
Perhaps you’re looking for that perfect middle name, or a timeless name that can connect baby to the past while also taking them into the future. Little Julie and Bonita can find joy alongside Cosmo and Terrence, carrying with them the love and care you put into finding their ideal name.
Victorian Baby Names
The wheel of time is always turning, bringing these classic names back into fashion—just in time for baby to arrive! Little Blanche and Cornelia are sure to have a delightful time playing with Julius and Silas, their thoughtful names harkening back to ages past.
Vintage Baby Names
When you’re searching for a baby name that can stand the test of time, the classics are a terrific place to start. Gems like Leo and Aaron might stand out alongside Naomi and Clara as lovely contenders to name your little one.

Edgy Baby Names

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121 Badass Baby Names
Get inspired by storms, trickster gods, and fictional powerhouses with these badass baby names. Brave, unique, and full of possibilities, this is the perfect list for your little rebel.
21st Century Baby Names
Choosing names of the here and now will give baby the chance to have a clear identity of the world they were born into when they were! A 21st century baby name is imbued with style and trend for that new-age little stunner in your life.
50 Fire Names for Baby
From a flickering flame to the blazing sun, fire is a powerful and beautiful thing. With names like Soleil, Sampson, and Blaze, this list of baby names will help you name the force of nature that’s about to light up your life.
Anime Baby Names Straight From Studio Ghibli
With its cast of trainee witches, playful spirits, and fierce princesses, Studio Ghibli films create worlds where the everyday and the marvellous can exist together. These edgy names inspired by the studio’s beloved characters will help baby find magic in unexpected places.
Aesthetic Baby Names
Stand out from the crowd with this list of aesthetic baby names. With modern, gender neutral, and pop-culture-inspired options, find a name that’s as cool as baby’s bound to be.
Animal Baby Names
Honor the wild beauty of nature with an animal-inspired name for baby. From Jai to Hafsa, these edgy names will help your little cub stand out from the crowd.
Baby Names for Baby’s Sign
If you're an astrology expert, you probably already know what star sign baby is going to be. Why not choose a cool, celestially-inspired name that's destined to fit them perfectly?
Baby Names from The Witcher
What could be a cooler source of name inspiration than the dark fantasy world of The Witcher? From noble Geralt to elegant Calanthe, this series is brimming with names that evoke magic, mystery, and adventure.
Celestial Baby Names
Evoke the beauty of the skies with a celestial baby name. From Venus to Nyx, this list is full of edgy names inspired by the heavens.
City Baby Names
City-inspired names are always a cool, edgy choice. Pay tribute to the magic of Paris or the elegance of London by giving baby the name of your favorite place.
Cool Baby Names
Baby is already the coolest person you know, so why not give them an effortlessly edgy name? From Maverick to Jagger and Brooklyn to Skyler, cool baby names set the tone for a spunky personality.
Cosmic Baby Names Inspired by Outer Space
Baby is a superstar, so it's only fitting to choose an out-of-this-world name for your new arrival. Cosmic baby names inspired by outer space, such as Venus and Starling, will give baby an ethereal edge reminiscent of the cosmos.
Creative Baby Names
Creative baby names are a great option if you're looking for a name that evokes a unique, edgy spirit. With one of these effortlessly cool names, baby will rock a sense of individuality.
Ethereal Baby Names
Ethereal baby names give a taste of that otherworldly mystery, with plenty of stories to share too!
Gothic Baby Names
If you're looking for a name with an edgy spirit, why not consider a gothic baby name? These haunting names call classic literature and art to mind, making them a memorable option for your new arrival.
Greek Mythology Baby Names
If you love daring names with a rich history, consider choosing a baby name from Greek mythology for your new arrival. These names are unique yet powerful, calling to mind epic heroes and their adventures.
Hipster Baby Names
If your passion lies in the most unique and up-to-date music, films, fashion, and art, then giving baby an edgy name like the ones listed below is a flex, TBH. Your little hipster baby will thank you!
Last Names as First Names for Baby
There is a reason why James Bond always introduces himself by his last name first. With this list of last name baby names, your little one will have an equally iconic introduction without having to switch anything around.
Magic Baby Names
Why not consider one of these unique, edgy magic baby names for your little charmer? Forget the traditional magic words, your little one will most likely be saying “abracadabra” or “bibbidi-bobbidi-boo”!
Modern Baby Names
These contemporary and modern baby names will ensure your little one is the ultimate trendsetter all throughout life.
Mythological Baby Names
Edgy baby names can be defined any way you like! If edgy with a twist of academia and ancient lore if your vibe, then a mythological baby name is the perfect next step.
Scary Baby Names
While some people bellow at the first sign of fall, you've probably had Hocus Pocus on repeat and been enjoying pumpkin-spiced lattes for weeks. These edgy and oh-so-scary names, from Salem and Carrie to gender-neutral Nyx, are positively bewitching.
Spooky Names for Baby
Give baby a name that reflects how awesome you think they are. With names like Hannibal, Wednesday, and Poe, your little monster is sure to stand out from the crowd in all the best ways.
Uncommon Baby Names
Baby is unique because they’re yours, so why not choose a name that’s one-of-a-kind? Young Yoko is sure to be a rock star, while little Everest and Ulysses will be as adventurous as they dream to be. Feel free to treat the names on this list as gender-neutral, because life’s too short not to think outside the box.
Unique Baby Boy Names
Perfect for your cute little trailblazer, a unique baby boy name will help baby set a precedent for what’s cool all through life.
Unique Baby Girl Names
The innovative soul in your gorgeous little girl will shine through no matter where she goes. But why not give her a unique baby girl name that says it all in just a couple of syllables?
Unique Baby Names
Whether you’re looking for that stand-out name that connects baby to their heritage or a unique name to show they’re extraordinary, this list is for you. Little Vianna and Chidi are sure to be a hit alongside Toshi, Ciaran, and Arti. The sky’s the limit with these edgy, modern baby names.
Video Game Baby Names
Video games aren't as edgy as they seem; they're for everyone! But the names coming from these awesome stories are nothing short of badass. Give baby an edgy name with a geeky twist with a video game baby name.

Baby Names by Style

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121 Badass Baby Names
You know baby’s going to be a trailblazer, so why not break the mold with these badass baby names? Give your little renegade a name that reflects how awesome they are.
125 Perfect Pet Names for Your Fur Baby
Your four-legged friend deserves a name as special as they are. Browse this list of classic, pop culture-inspired, and generally adorable pet baby names for your beloved furry creature.
50 Fire Names for Baby
Why not choose a fire name for baby to ignite their unique spark? From Ember to Phoenix, these blazing names are full of warmth and light.
Anime Baby Names Straight From Studio Ghibli
Loving anime often starts as a casual interest and immediately evolves into a lifelong obsession. Whether Studio Ghibli was your start or you think baby should be watching Ponyo on day one, these anime baby names are a gorgeous choice for the future.
Adventurous & Outdoorsy Baby Names
Baby’s going to be a force of nature, so why not give them a name to match? From Hunter to Aspen, these outdoorsy names are perfect for any brave, wild little adventurer.
Aesthetic Baby Names
Baby’s going to break the mold in all the best ways, so why not give them a name that expresses their individuality? From Juniper to Orion, this list of aesthetic names has plenty of cool, contemporary options.
Animal Baby Names
Baby’s going to be the cat’s pajamas, so give them an animal-inspired name to match. From sweet and chirpy Lark to the wildness of Wolfgang, this list might be perfect for your cuddly little one.
Baby Boy and Girl Nicknames
You’ve already found the ideal name for baby, and now you’re searching for a perfect nickname to match. From Arlo to Frankie, this list features plenty of adorable options that’ll do justice to the cuteness of the new light of your life.
Baby Names Inspired by Pride Month
Baby will take after you in many ways, from their cheeky smile to their love of avocado toast and power ballads. Their big arrival during Pride Month is the perfect opportunity to name them after an LGBTQIA+ hero, bestowing the ultimate gift of compassion.
Baby Names by Color
What could be more meaningful than naming baby after your favorite color? From regal purple to sunny yellow, colors are full of symbolism and personality, making them a great source of baby name inspiration.
Baby Names for Baby’s Sign
If you believe that baby's path is written in the stars, then a Zodiac-inspired baby name could be perfect for your little one. Whether they're a caring Cancer or a gregarious Gemini, a name inspired by their star sign is sure to fit them flawlessly.
Beautiful Baby Names
Your baby deserves a name as beautiful as they are, so why not choose one of the lovely names on this list? No matter what your definition of beautiful is, this wide-ranging list is sure to feature names that look and sound pretty to you.
Botanical & Plant Baby Names
If your favorite style of name is pretty and floral or grounded and earthy, a plant-inspired name could be the perfect choice for baby. From delicate Lily to classic Hawthorne, this list is full of botanical inspiration.
City Baby Names
City-inspired baby names are a great way to evoke the style of the place you love most. From the coolness of Brooklyn to the southern charm of Dallas, city names are full of personality.
Cool Baby Names
Cool baby names are a surefire way to make a memorable first impression. Stylish, unique, and effortless, these cool names will ensure baby stands out from the crowd.
Country Baby Names
If you're looking for a name that evokes nostalgic imagery of your youth, consider choosing a country baby name. Timelessly wholesome, these names will never go out of style.
Cowboy & Cowgirl Baby Names
Cowboy and cowgirl baby names call classic Western films with a sense of adventure and romance to mind. If you envision baby having a legendary spirit and a love for the great outdoors, names such as Jackson, Colt, or Harleigh may fit the bill.
Cozy Baby Names
Baby will be an eternal source of comfort and joy for the whole family, so why not give them a cozy name that reflects this? Cozy baby names like Hazel and Jack evoke the soft and gentle feelings baby gives you every day.
Creative Baby Names
Consider a creative baby name if you're eager to give child a unique name that showcases their individuality. These stylish, one-of-a-kind names can take inspiration from beloved books, characters, movies, or Greek myths, to name a few.
Cute Baby Names
Baby is as cute as can be, so why not choose a name that reflects their endearing nature? Cute baby names, such as Oliver or Ava, are an excellent option for your adorable new arrival.
Disney Baby Names
If you love Disney, you'll love these Disney-style names that remind you of the countless classic films you treasure. The world's most beloved characters inspire these Disney baby names, making them an excellent option for your little one.
Elegant Baby Names
If you're drawn to chic and timeless names, it is worth considering an elegant baby name. These stylish options, such as Elizabeth or James, will help baby create lasting first impressions.
Food Baby Names
Food baby names are delectable treats that only get sweeter the more you say them. Though they might not be funny names like Pickle and Relish for a set of twins, their charm is just as effortless.
Gothic Baby Names
If you love Gothic-style literature, art, and architecture, why not give baby a gothic name? These names, such as Raven or Wolfgang, possess a mysterious charm and quiet romanticism.
Hippie Baby Names
Go with the flow and pick one of these far-out hippie baby names. This groovy selection encompasses everything the flower power moment stood for—love, light, and good vibes.
Hipster Baby Names
Give your cool little kiddo a name to match their rad energy. These hipster baby names will ensure that baby is always on trend!
Last Names as First Names for Baby
Go for something a little different and think about these last name baby names. There won't be any confusion on the playground when you call baby's unique name!
Magic Baby Names
Baby has undoubtedly bewitched you with their lovable nature! So why not look through this enchanting list and pick a magical baby name for your little spellcaster.
Modern Baby Names
If you are looking for a stylish name for baby, then look through this list of modern baby names. These newly-minted names are perfect for your newest addition!
Musical Baby Names
Musical baby names are a chance to show off your harmonious—or totally rockin’—presence. These gorgeous selections eliminate the choice between style or substance by giving you both in just a syllable or two.
One Syllable Baby Names
Sometimes short and sweet is the way to go. These one-syllable names pack a serious punch—and for those expecting twins, the possibilities are endless. Rain and Skye, anyone?
Rainbow Baby Names
The journey to parenthood is often winding and can fill you with wonder, but also sometimes heartache. When your little one finally arrives, a rainbow baby name will help you welcome newfound joy and cast soothing rays of hope upon those you love.
Royal Baby Names
Your little prince or princess is sure to inherit your occasionally obsessive fascination with the royal family. Why not get ahead of the game and give baby a timeless vintage-inspired name like Adela or Fredrick.
Scary Baby Names
While rom-coms are perfectly charming, you survive on a more alluring diet of all things spooky and scary. Why not give your little witch or wizard a name that speaks to your edgy sense of style?
Southern Baby Names
Southern baby names have that little extra something that will inspire your little cowgirl or cowboy to live life to the fullest. Whether or not you grew up in the southern US, your little one will surely be sweeter than honey with a name like Adeline or Finn.
Spooky Names for Baby
Whether you’re looking for cute and spooky, or classics of the horror genre, this baby name list has it all! Filled with inspiration, your little Jack or Elvira, Igor or Wednesday, can carry the spooky holiday spirit with them all year long.
Summer Baby Names
Whether you’re looking for sunny and carefree or adventurous and fun-loving, these baby names have it all. Your little River or Willow can build their love of the natural world, while Finn or Beckett can connect with great works of literature. Give baby Aurora or Orion the encouragement they need to reach for the stars.
Traditional Baby Names
Whether you’d like to pay homage to your favorite regency novels or connect baby to humanity’s history, these names are ideal. Little Malachi and Eugene can play in the garden alongside Emma and Eleanor, exuding classic elegance and timeless grace.
Two Syllable Baby Names
Finding a name that ticks all the boxes—as well as meshing with any first or middle names you’ve already chosen—can be tricky. These two-syllable names draw inspiration from all over our beautiful world, so you’re sure to find the one that sounds just right.
Uncommon Baby Names
If you’re searching for a baby name that’s edgy, one-of-a-kind, and is sure to make them stand out in the crowd, this list is for you. From Luz and Arrow to Katana and Monet, there’s bound to be a name here that speaks to your passions and hopes for your little one.
Unique Baby Names
Baby is going to be one-of-a-kind, so why not choose a name for them that reflects their unique experience of the world? This list has names of all origins, so you’ll undoubtedly find the name that speaks to you, whether edgy, classic, or with a modern twist.
Victorian Baby Names
If you’re searching for a classic name that connects baby to the elegance of years gone by, these baby names might be just the ticket. “Bodacious,” as the Victorians said, without being “highfalutin,” these names are sure to make baby feel one-of-a-kind.
Vintage Baby Names
Whether you’re after that flapper style, that ‘40s flair, or a bit of Victorian glamor, you’ve come to the right place. Young Jeremiah or Luis is sure to delight alongside baby Alice or Isabella, carrying your love with them wherever they go.
Water Baby Names
Being green has never been so necessary, nor so stylish! These names can connect baby to the planet we call home, while instilling in them a sense of endurance and adaptability they’ll need as they grow.
Weird Celebrity Baby Names
Maybe you’re hoping little Talea can channel the sophistication and power of famous Batman character, Talia al Ghul. Perhaps you’re hoping little Blythe and Bowie can achieve the style and fame of their movie-star namesakes. Either way, this fabulous list is just the thing.

Religious and Spiritual Baby Names

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Biblical Baby Names
From Alexander to Xavier, the Christian Bible features countless beautiful and meaningful baby names. Whether you want a classic name like Elizabeth or something more modern-sounding like Xyla, you'll find lots of inspiration in this list.
Buddhist Baby Names
Buddhist baby names are here to remind you and baby both of the tranquility you seek and the nature of life. Representing your core values can be as quickly done as saying baby’s name with a choice from this list.
Catholic Baby Names
If your faith is your guiding light, why not honor it by choosing a traditional Catholic name for your little one? Giving your child a spiritual name is a beautiful way to show your love for your religion.
Christian Baby Names
If your Christian faith is a source of comfort and strength, why not honor it by giving baby a name with religious meaning? From classic names like Peter to the more unusual Trinity, there's a wide range of beautiful and significant Christian names to choose from.
Christmas Baby Names
If your baby was a Christmas miracle, you might like to honor your faith by giving them a spiritual name connected to the festive season. Names like Mary, Joseph, and Emmanuel beautifully evoke the true meaning of Christmas.
Hanukkah Baby Names
Much like the shining candles of the Menorah, these beautiful Hanukkah-inspired names are sure to match baby’s wonderful inner light!
Hindu Baby Names
Baby will embody the essence and spirit of the world’s first religion with these Hindu baby names. Taking inspiration from deities, nature, and even deep core values, these names sound as beautiful as their meanings.
Jewish Baby Names
Mazal tov on your little one! If you want to find baby a name that Hashem would be proud of, then look through this selection of beautiful Jewish baby names.
Muslim Baby Names
Mabrouk on your newest little blessing! Show baby that you are proud of their heritage with one of these meaningful and beautiful Muslim baby names.
Pagan Baby Names
If you're searching for a name worthy of your little god or goddess but with a more humble origin, these Pagan names are a call of perfect harmony. Reminiscent of the Earth's miraculous beauty, these names will inspire baby to nurture peace, courage, and spiritual awakening.
Ramadan Baby Names
If you're expecting an exciting new arrival during the holy month of Ramadan, you may be searching for a name as brilliant and compelling as the moon. From Zaira and Muna to honest Amin, these Muslim baby names shine bright and will cast an everlasting glow on your little one.
Taoist Baby Names
If you’re looking to help baby find balance—especially if you’re of East-Asian descent—these Taoist names might be ideal. Little Eun-ae is sure to bring grace and love into the world, while baby Kazuma and young Xi’an’s peaceful presences can help you tap into that much-needed tranquility.
Ōmisoka Baby Names
If your bundle of joy is arriving during the sparking season of Ōmisoka, try out these spiritual baby names. As your little one grows, so will their special bond with their heritage and ancestors.

Fictional Baby Names

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101 Superhero Baby Names
Like Wonder Woman, Peter Parker, and Clark Kent, your bundle of joy will make the world a better place. Tune into baby’s superhero side with this list of bold and brave names.
15 Names We Love From Ted Lasso
Has the warm and friendly world of Ted Lasso stolen your heart? Why not channel the joy and optimism of the show's lovable characters with a list of baby names from this hit series.
20 Atypical Baby Names You’ll Adore
Funny, bittersweet, and full of remarkable characters, it’s no wonder Atypical is such a beloved show. Embrace the world’s joyful complexity with this list of baby names from the Netflix series.
20 Names We Love from In the Heights
If you love the vibrant, beautiful world of In the Heights, why not choose a baby name inspired by Lin-Manuel Miranda's popular musical? These melodious Latina, Latino, and Latinx names will have you jumping—and maybe even singing—for joy.
37 Baby Names Inspired by Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda might be the world’s most adorable creature, but with baby on the way, he’s about to lose out on the top spot. If this cuddly green character has melted your heart, a baby name inspired by the world of The Mandalorian could be just right.
40 Baby Names from Stranger Things
You can probably name your favorite characters by heart, but this list of Stranger Things baby names might also help you remember some of the characters loved and lost.
75 Harry Potter Baby Names
Be honest: who hasn’t secretly hoped for a belated Hogwarts admission letter? If you’re a Harry Potter fan, why not imbue baby’s world with a little extra magic. Take a peek at this list of baby names inspired by these beloved characters.
Sex and the City Baby Names
Why not look to the beloved group of New York City icons and name baby after a favorite Sex and the City character? Stylish, smart, fun, and devoted—get inspired by each fabulous powerhouse.
Star Wars Baby Names
This list of Star Wars baby names comes from a galaxy far, far away. Introduce baby to this timeless story with a name inspired by everyone’s favorite space-dwelling badasses.
Anime Baby Names Straight From Studio Ghibli
With its rich storytelling, inspiring characters, and sense of magic, who could fail to be charmed by the whimsical world of Studio Ghibli? Celebrate the studio’s enchanting animations with this list of baby names inspired by Hayao Miyazaki’s beloved anime films.
Classic Baby Names Inspired by Downton Abbey
Evoke the elegance and refinement of the Crawley family by giving baby a Downton Abbey-inspired name. From Cora to Matthew, Violet to Robert, the classic names of your fictional favorites are sure to inspire you on your search.
Baby Names Inspired by Pixar Movies
Why not honor your favorite Pixar movie by using it as name inspiration? Choose a name like Merida or Coco to instill the values of these beloved films in your little one.
Baby Names from House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones
If you loved Game of Thrones and see House of the Dragon as either a continuation or a redemption arc for the franchise, then you’ll love to read about these baby names taken straight from the scripts.
Baby Names from The Rings of Power and The Lord of the Rings
The new show The Rings of Power is an exciting addition to one of the most beloved franchises of all time, The Lord of the Rings. If baby is going to be your sweet little hobbit, your elegant elf, or your gruff dwarf, then you know what needs to happen next! Enjoy your adventure!
Baby Names from The Witcher
Whether it's the book series, the video games, or the TV show, The Witcher is full of unique and beautiful names. From Cirilla to Zoltan, evoke magic and adventure with a name inspired by Andrzej Sapkowski's fantasy world.
DC Baby Names
Calling all DC superfans! If you want to give baby a legendary name that honors some of your lifelong favorite fictional characters, consider choosing a DC-inspired name. These classic and beloved names will help baby make a heroic first impression.
Fairy Baby Names
Fairy baby names invoke the spirit of the little hidden wonders of the world. Whether you're familiar with the sweet fairy doors or in the forest or you think you've known a changling or two in life, fairy baby names give life an extra touch of magic.
Greek Mythology Baby Names
Greek mythology has helped shape modern literature as we know it. If you're on the hunt for a name that celebrates some of your favorite mythological characters, choose a Greek mythology baby name, such as Atlas or Selene.
Literary Baby Names
Start this new chapter with baby on the right page by giving them a name from this note-worthy selection. These literary baby names will perfectly suit your sweet little bookworm.
Marvel Baby Names
Set your little superhero—or supervillain—up for a life of adventure with this list of Marvel baby names! With names like Wanda, Rogue, or Loki, baby will go down in history as a force to be reckoned with.
Mythological Baby Names
Myth and fiction go hand-in-hand. For centuries, myths have been used for comfort and study. Give baby a taste of these thrilling endeavors with a mythological baby name.
Scary Baby Names
If your Netflix history looks more like Stranger Things than Emily in Paris, these fictional and oh-so-scary baby names will surely put a spell on you. Proceed with caution, though, as your little one may be more interested in painting the floor with their breakfast than actually eating it.
Video Game Baby Names
If you're a gamer, being inspired by the games you play is nothing new. Since you found out about baby's arrival, you've no doubt wanted to act on a long-overdue combination there, too! Choosing a video game baby name is sharing your passion with your newest best friend.

Earthy Baby Names

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30 Brilliant Baby Names That Mean ‘Light’
Pick a name for baby that reflects the sunshine they bring to the world. This list is full of bright and beautiful names that mean "light," perfect for the new light of your life.
50 Fire Names for Baby
Symbolising light, energy, and renewal, fire is one of the four classical elements. Nurture baby’s connection to the natural world with this elemental list of fire names.
Adventurous & Outdoorsy Baby Names
Share your love of the natural world with baby by choosing a name from this outdoorsy list. Names like Rowan, Hazel, and Skye will remind your little adventurer that they’ll always have a place in the great outdoors.
Animal Baby Names
From Wren to Leo, nurture baby’s connection to the great outdoors with an animal-inspired name. Whether you choose something irresistibly cuddly or wild and powerful, baby is sure to be inspired by the diverse beauty of nature.
Baby Names for Baby’s Sign
Your little one is a gift from the heavens, so why not name them accordingly with a Zodiac-inspired baby name? Draw from the ancient tradition of astrology by giving baby a name inspired by the stars.
Botanical & Plant Baby Names
If you have green fingers, or just love flowers, a plant-inspired name could be perfect for your little one. From Clementine to Grover, these fresh, earthy names evoke all the beauty of nature.
Celestial Baby Names
Earthy names aren't just inspired by this planet, but by the skies above us, too. Why not choose a celestial baby name for your little star?
Flower Baby Names
Baby is as perfect and beautiful as a rose, so why not give them a name that reflects it? Flower baby names are earthy yet romantic, making them an excellent option for your little natural wonder.
Greek Mythology Baby Names
Greek mythology baby names are a great option if you want something earthy and unique. These classic names take inspiration from the elements and inspire visions of sunny islands, thrashing oceans, and more.
Green Baby Names
If you're hoping to raise baby to be as environmentally conscious as you are, green baby names are a great option. Earthy and natural, these names are inspired by the planet we love and cherish.
Hippie Baby Names
With a starry twinkle in their eye, a laugh that would put a babbling brook to shame, and little toes squidging in the sand, baby will be perfectly suited to one of these hippie baby names. With some earthy influence in the naming department, your little River or Rain will be right at home in Mother Nature!
Mineral and Gemstone Baby Names
Geology is a worldwide fascination! With the Earth as old as it is, there is so much to learn from the minerals and gemstones that make it up. Ignite baby’s love of the natural world with a mineral or gemstone baby name.
Nature Baby Names
Give baby the gift of a nature-inspired name that will ground them like the roots of a mountain, change with them like the color of the leaves, and grow with them like flowers after a light rain.
Ocean Baby Names
If your siren song is calling out for a baby name as mighty and mysterious as the ocean, give these oceanic names a thought. As sure as the north wind, the sparkling seas will fill your child with as much wonder as their arrival into your strong arms.
Pagan Baby Names
An earthy name like Lachlan or Oren will give baby the wisdom to nurture the planet and fire in their heart to protect the good. Grounded in Pagan traditions, they tell fierce tales of unstoppable goddesses and ancient warriors. With names like these, nothing can stop these children of the Earth.
Rainbow Baby Names
When your time has finally arrived, a rainbow name can help you find the strength to welcome new love into your life. These earthy baby names will envelop your little one in a warm embrace and whisper stories of compassion, beauty, and self-love.
Summer Baby Names
What better way to ground baby than with a name that speaks of the wind and the rain, and the soil where green things grow? Your little Meadow or Rio, Pearl or Hito can carry a love for the natural world close to their heart, wherever the wind takes them.
Water Baby Names
Our planet can feel so changeable these days, but at least some things remain consistent, like the rivers and streams leading faithfully to the sea. If you’re looking to instill a sense of flexibility and perseverance in baby, names like Dylan and Jaffar, Tallula and Nyrie could be perfect.

Seasonal Baby Names

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Autumnal Baby Names
Autumn is known for being a special time of year; the only thing to make it better is if it’s the time you welcomed baby into the world.
Baby Names Inspired by Pride Month
What better way to celebrate Pride Month than naming your child after a bold and proud hero? With the unstoppable LGBTQIA+ community at their back, your pride baby will be enveloped in a warm rainbow hug of compassion and acceptance. Love is love, little one.
Christmas Baby Names
Was your little one born at the most wonderful time of the year? If so, giving them a Christmas-inspired name like Noelle, Nicholas, or Robin is a lovely way to honor the season.
December Baby Names
Harken back each day to the most wonderful time of the year with a December baby name.
February Baby Names
A February baby name is brimming with opportunity! It honors history and cherishes the love that comes with the shortest month of the year.
Hanukkah Baby Names
To remind you of one of the most special times of the year, these Hanukkah baby names will have you spinning your dreidel in joy. Who needs eight days of presents when your little one is the true gift?
January Baby Names
January baby names bring in the tranquility of the most rejuvenating season of the year.
July Baby Names
Even though July only comes once a year, if it’s baby’s birth month it can be celebrated every day! Choose a July baby name to carry that bright spirit with you every month of the year.
Kwanzaa Baby Names
Celebrate Black culture with this selection of beautifully meaningful Kwanzaa baby names. Baby will feel empowered every time you say their name!
March Baby Names
To pick a March baby name is to pick a name that fits your little spring-time royalty and emphasizes their beauty in this world daily.
New Year's Baby Names
There's nothing like ringing in the new year with a bouncing, beautiful bundle of joy! To celebrate their epic arrival during the holiday season, why not give baby a name as striking and out-of-this-world as a shooting star? Shine bright like a diamond, little one.
November Baby Names
Perfect for the parent wanting to honor baby’s birthday every day, a November baby name could elicit all the right cozy feelings.
October Baby Names
To pick a name for baby’s birth month is to give them a reason to carry around their birthday excitement every day of the year!
Ramadan Baby Names
Beneath the new crescent moon, invite your loved ones to observe prayer and introspection, but also to welcome your little bundle of joy! Why not choose a name befitting the season, from radiant Zara to faithful Iman.
September Baby Names
September baby names take the loving embrace of autumn and birthday celebrations and keep them alive every day of the year.
Spooky Names for Baby
When the trees turn golden, and jack-o’-lanterns begin to peek through the windows, you know that spooky season has arrived! Welcome baby into this magical time of year with names that reflect all the wonder, horror, and fantasy in the air. Oh, and the bats, too.
Summer Baby Names
From the first rush of the ocean waves to the last ice cream of the season, these baby names encapsulate the sunny glory of summertime. Give baby a glow they can carry throughout the year: a spring in their step that speaks of warm afternoons spent on the sand.
Winter Baby Names
Winter baby names perfectly celebrate the gorgeous and mysterious time of the year baby is born.
Ōmisoka Baby Names
A brand new year calls for new beginnings and new beautiful life. A baby born during the Ōmisoka season is a blessing like no other, so why not bestow a name that sparkles like their bright future ahead?

Famous and Historical Baby Names

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30 Baby Names for Women’s Equality Day
Raising baby to be a feminist is often a no-brainer; who doesn’t want equal rights? If you’re looking to raise baby to be a powerhouse, look no further than these Women’s Equality Baby Names for your inspiration.
Baby Names Inspired by African American Heritage Month
African American Heritage Month celebrates the achievements of African Americans throughout history who have changed the world and the lives of future generations. Give baby an inspiring name with history to boot when picking from this list.
Baby Names Inspired by Hispanic Heritage Month
Celebrate baby’s Hispanic heritage by choosing the name of one of these history-making Hispanic figures.
Baby Names Inspired by Pride Month
If you've been looking for the perfect way to show baby the power of pride, try out these bold and courageous names commemorating LGBTQIA+ heroes. A famous or historical name will give them a role model to aspire to and a special way to celebrate Pride Month year-round.
Baby Names Inspired by the Olympics
Take inspiration from real-life superheroes with an Olympics-inspired baby name. From past champions like Carl Lewis to more recent stars like Simone Biles, naming baby after an Olympian might just help them aspire to greatness.
Baby Names for Hockey Fans
If hockey is your passion, why not choose a baby name inspired by the sport? From the names of hockey's greatest heroes to names that evoke all that's great about the game, this list has it all.
Baby Names of Purple Heart Heroes
Baby names inspired by Purple Heart heroes are a commemoration of American bravery and courage. Give baby a piece of solemn history with one of these names.
Celebrity Baby Names
Celebrities can always be counted on for unique baby names, so why not take inspiration from them when naming your own little one? From August to Kalliope, this list of famous names is full of fun choices.
Disney Baby Names
Disney is easily the most famous production company in the world and a creator of countless classic films. If you want to give baby a name that honors these beloved characters, consider choosing a Disney baby name.
Historical Baby Names
If baby’s being born into a family of scholars, choosing a name fitting your values is a great first step. Each of these historical baby names is brimming with stories to be inspired by for a lifetime.
Literary Baby Names
Take a page out of the books of some of the literary greats, and give baby a name to pay tribute to your favorite author. These bookish baby names are a novel idea!
Royal Baby Names
Feel like giving your little one the royal treatment? These famous names will have baby channelling their inner prince or princess. Look out, Lillibet and Archie! There's a new cutie in town.
Weird Celebrity Baby Names
Whether you want to steer baby towards a life in the spotlight or help them stand out in a crowd, this list is for you. Little Jagger and Bowie are sure to fill your days with music, while Apple and Diva will certainly reach for the stars.
Wild Celebrity Baby Names
The A-listers of Hollywood for generations have let their creativity shine in their baby name choices. You and baby can do the same!

Baby Names A to Z

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Baby Girl Names That Start With
Baby Boy Names That Start With
Unisex Baby Names That Start With
Baby Names That Start With
Baby Girl Names Ending In
Baby Boy Names Ending In
Baby Names Ending In

Baby Name Lists by Origin

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African Baby Names
Celebrate your heritage with this list of beautiful, meaningful names from all over Africa. From Jahzara to Ayomide, these gorgeous names will inspire baby to connect with their rich culture.
American Baby Names
Honor the beautiful diversity of the country you love with a list of American baby names. From Jaden to Gracelyn, these gorgeous names will make baby proud to be part of this unique cultural melting pot.
Arabic Baby Names
From Leila to Nasir, this list of Arabic names will help you share the gift of your heritage with baby. The centuries-old language is part of many cultures, resulting in a wonderful selection of names that are rich with meaning and history.
Aramaic Baby Names
Honor your heritage and get inspired by one of the earliest written languages with an Aramaic baby name. From Raziel to Thada, these names carry history and significance in every syllable.
Armenian Baby Names
If you have Armenian heritage, why not give baby a name that celebrates their background? From Armen to Nyree, these charming names resonate with beauty and meaning.
Australian Baby Names
If baby has Australian ancestry, why not choose a name that honors their roots? From Coen to Kylie, these Aussie names reflect the country’s rich tapestry of cultures and languages.
Babylonian Baby Names
Honor your heritage with a baby name from one of ancient history's greatest civilizations. From Lilith to Balthazaar, these timeless names can inspire new generations to accomplish amazing feats.
Basque Baby Names
Pay tribute to a rich and ancient culture by giving baby a name from the beautiful Basque Country. From Alaia to Zorion, these unique names evoke the majestic Basque Mountains and the waters of the Bay of Biscay.
British Baby Names
Whether you're British by blood or just a passionate Anglophile, what's not to love about British names? Thanks to their classic appeal, names of British origin like Archie and Edith have remained steadfastly popular throughout the years.
British Baby Boy Names
British baby boy names come from the pages of famous literary works, movie scripts, or any other number of places where the British have made their influence known. If you're a pure Anglophile, then any one of these names could be for you.
British Baby Girl Names
British baby girl names are often nods to the ladies of the monarchy, but sometimes they're also just the fun names these prolific people have come up with. Give baby a taste of these rolling hillsides and bustling cities with a British baby name.
Cambodian Baby Names
Honor your homeland or history by giving baby a beautiful name of Cambodian origin. From Sunisa to Ponleak, these ancient names evoke the wide plains and great rivers of Cambodia.
Celtic Baby Names
Celtic names have several countries of origin, including Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, and the Isle of Man. All with varying languages and cultures, these Celtic lands are the source of countless beautiful and ancient baby names.
Chinese Baby Names
Naming your baby is an opportunity to give them a beautiful gift from your shared heritage. Choosing a name of Chinese origin, with a rich history and significant meaning, will help them feel connected to their culture as they grow.
Czech Baby Names
If you have ancestors from the Czech Republic, you may want to consider baby names with Czech origins. Honor baby's heritage with one of these unique yet beautiful names, such as Khris or Marketa.
Danish Baby Names
Danish baby names are traditional yet unique, perfect if you're looking for a name that celebrates your heritage. With a lyrical quality and many gender-neutral options, names of Danish origin will help baby make a lasting first impression.
Dutch Baby Names
If baby has a Dutch background, why not give them a name that honors their heritage? A name of Dutch origin will help baby stay connected to their ancestors for a lifetime.
Egyptian Baby Names
Names of Egyptian origin inspire visions of one of the world's most fascinating countries. If you're looking for a unique name with a historic quality that honors your heritage, consider an Egyptian baby name for your new arrival.
Finnish Baby Names
If baby has Finnish heritage, why not give them a name that honors their ancestry? Finnish baby names are a great way to connect baby to the rich culture of Finland.
French Baby Names
French baby names have a certain je ne sais quoi that sets them apart from other options. Names of French origin, such as Margot or Pierre, are endlessly sophisticated and chic.
Gaelic Baby Names
If baby has Celtic ancestry, why not consider a name of Gaelic origin to honor their heritage? Gaelic baby names have a lyrical quality and a rich history, making them an excellent option for your little one.
German Baby Names
German baby names are a great option if you're looking for a traditional option with a rich historical background. Names of German origin are melodic and meaningful, perfect for your new arrival.
Ghanaian Baby Names
If you're looking for a name that celebrates Africa's vibrant history and culture, it's worth considering a Ghanaian baby name for your little one. Names originating in Ghana, such as Ashanti or Kwame, are strong and meaningful options, perfect for celebrating your heritage!
Greek Baby Names
If baby is of Greek descent, consider giving them a name originating from the land of the sun and the sea. Greek baby names are classic and colorful, perfect for helping baby connect with their heritage.
Greek Baby Boy Names
Coming from a land of ancient mystery and discovery, Greek baby names are a gift to the present. Consider shining a light on baby's heritage with a gorgeous Greek name of your choosing.
Greek Baby Girl Names
Your little one might not be a goddess to the whole world, but if her heritage comes from the ancient world of philosophy and art, she's certainly a goddess in her own right. Greek baby girl names are a pure celebration of her family tree.
Hawaiian Baby Names
Say aloha to this beautiful selection of Hawaiian baby names. With one of these meaningful names, baby will fit perfectly into your ohana.
Hebrew Baby Names
This lovely selection of Hebrew names may remind you of your heritage and faith whenever you say baby’s name; but no matter your choice, it's sure to be sababa!
Hebrew Baby Boy Names
With the Hebrew language having around 3,000 years to be shaped and iterated, there are a fair few names that have come out in the process. Since Hebrew baby boy names are a celebration of an ancient language and deeply rooted heritage, baby can carry on the tradition with one no matter where they go.
Hebrew Baby Girl Names
Hebrew baby girl names celebrate an ancient heritage. Knowing the Jewish matrilineal principle is there, baby's name could be passed down for decades or maybe plucked from a loved one long passed.
Hungarian Baby Names
If your Hungarian culture is important to you, why not think about giving baby a name that will honor this beautiful Central European country? With unique and meaningful names like these, you can't go wrong!
Icelandic Baby Names
Icelandic baby names are for your gorgeous little Icelandic kiddo. Let them celebrate their ancient heritage and connection to a historically significant culture.
Indian Baby Names
Give baby the ultimate gift and choose one of these beautiful Indian baby names. If you love their lilting sounds and wish to honor Indian heritage, this selection is filled with options as vibrant and lively as the country from which they came.
Irish Baby Names
Give your little lucky charm one of these magical Irish baby names. With such a rich history and language, this group of names will ensure baby feels right at home on the Emerald Isle.
Irish Baby Boy Names
The music, the history, and the perseverance in every soul are the stuff Irish folks are made of. An Irish baby boy name could be the cherry on top to baby's heritage celebration, and who wouldn't want that?
Irish Baby Girl Names
Irish baby girl names tell the myriad stories in which the women of this world have been absolutely badass at the least and downright otherworldly at the most. These names are celebrations of baby's fierce and colorful heritage, perfect for the new little lady in your life.
Italian Baby Names
This gorgeous selection of Italian baby names will have you and your newest addition saying, grazie mille! You'll find names as melodic, romantic, and beautiful as Italy itself, all the while celebrating baby's heritage.
Italian Baby Boy Names
Italy is a land brimming with music, food, art, and history. Choosing an Italian baby boy name gives baby a piece of this beautiful country to take with them no matter where they call home.
Italian Baby Girl Names
Italian baby girl names are a celebration of the beautiful country so many lay heritage claim to. If you're searching for ways for baby to remember their family tree no matter where they are, consider offering them an olive branch from their homeland.
Japanese Baby Names
Explore these unique baby names from the land of the rising sun. Japan has inspired the world with delicious cuisine, anime, and cherry blossoms, and now we can add beautiful baby names to the list, literally!
Korean Baby Names
Honor your Korean heritage with one of these lovely Korean baby names. From BTS members' names to monikers that represent pillars of the culture, baby will love whatever you choose!
Latin Baby Names
While Latin may no longer be spoken in our modern times, it's the mother tongue of many timeless, classic names. Embrace your love of the ancients or maybe take a stroll down etymology lane with this list of Latin baby names.
Mexican Baby Names
Baby will feel a burst of pride every time their beautiful Mexican baby name is said. These lyrical and meaningful choices represent Mexican culture and will help baby to celebrate their vibrant heritage.
Native American Baby Names
Give your little one the gift of a name that encapsulates everything you love about your Native American heritage in just a syllable or two with these Native American baby names.
Nigerian Baby Names
A name that honors your heritage is a powerful gift that can be seen from the stars. These Nigerian baby names are all about honoring your family and creating a legacy that speaks to your past, present, and extraordinary future.
Norse Baby Names
Check out these bold and daring Norse names if you've been holding out for one worthy of a hero. These baby names epitomize the main character lifestyle, so prepare for your little one to bring the power of the seven seas to everything they do!
Norwegian Baby Names
These Norwegian names are inspired by the land of majestic northern lights, breathtaking fjords, and of course, the frosty and unshakeable Queen Elsa. Whatever your child sets their mind to, they'll have an epic legacy of a million Norse gods and goddesses at their back.
Pacific Islander Baby Names
The term “Pacific Islander” is host to so many vibrant cultures. If you and baby are at home among them, consider a Pacific Islander name!
Persian Baby Names
Persian baby names are irresistibly beautiful, from Jazmine and Zarina to more gender-neutral Roshan. If you want to honor your Middle Eastern heritage, these gorgeous Persian names will inspire baby to tell a one-of-a-kind story.
Polish Baby Names
If you're on a quest for an epic and saintly name, honor your family with these Polish names. Grounded in Christian tradition and Slavic origin, they're sure to instill baby with a deep connection to their homeland.
Portuguese Baby Names
Portuguese is as nuanced and beautiful as your growing love for baby. When your little one finally arrives, why not pay tribute to your heritage and bestow a gorgeous name like Lara, Gaspar, or whimsical Fia?
Roman Baby Names
The Romans had a civilization spanning centuries. Within those many years, they passed on stories and traditions still alive today and some pretty cool baby names, too!
Russian Baby Names
If you've been looking for the perfect way to honor your Russian or Slavik roots, these baby names are full of meaning. Names like Leyna and Yuri embody the wondrous beauty of nature, from the night sky to the golden harvests swaying in the wind.
Sanskrit Baby Names
Sanskrit is a beautiful language that has courageously withstood millennia. Why not honour your Indo-Aryan roots by giving baby a unique name with a mighty history? From noble Aryan to wise Veda, your little miracle will surely tell a story worthy of their ancestors.
Scandinavian Baby Names
If you've been bingeing Vikings or The Last Kingdom lately, you're probably inspired to give your baby an epic Scandinavian name. With one of these, your little Scandinavian god or goddess will surely unleash their feisty side—just ideally not at bath time!
Scottish Baby Names
A new addition to your clan is the perfect time to show some love for your Scottish heritage. With a mighty baby name like these, your little highlander will have a strong and proud culture to lean on.
Scottish Baby Boy Names
Scottish baby boy names celebrate baby's highlander blood. They come from the rugged plains and wistful songs that make Scotland a home to many, in soul and body. Consider a Scottish baby boy name to celebrate baby's heritage.
Scottish Baby Girl Names
Baby's heritage is no doubt going to be a part of their identity long-term, so why not give them a name to embody this spirit? Scottish baby girl names are rife with attitude and determination, just like your sweet wee babe.
Slavic Baby Names
Your baby's name should fill you with pride and joy, and if you're looking to honor your heritage, the experience will be even sweeter. These beautiful Slavic names mean anything from dawn and light to morning star. What a glorious name for your little ray of sunshine!
Spanish Baby Names
Spanish surnames tell a story as unique as a fingerprint, and your baby's first name is its epic prequel. Inspired by such a rich culture, baby will bloom and grow, spreading love and passion wherever their heart takes them.
Spanish Baby Boy Names
If you hear your heritage calling to you and you are moments away from holding your gorgeous little boy, it might be the perfect time to consider a Spanish baby boy name!
Spanish Baby Girl Names
Spanish baby girl names are a wholistic treat! They sound beautiful, they trip off the tongue with ease, and they have gorgeous meanings to boot. Consider options that celebrate baby's being, from soul to heritage in one fell swoop.
Swahili Baby Names
If you’re looking to connect with your heritage, particularly in East Africa, these Swahili baby names might be just the thing. Baby Lulu might be your precious pearl, while baby Ayana can be the flower of your life. Give them a deep connection to their family and the past with these gorgeous names.
Swedish Baby Names
If you’re hoping to foster baby Tova’s love of Tove Jansson’s Moomins, or baby Bjorn’s interest in legendary Viking, Björn Ironside, look no further. Both will love the thought and care you’ve put into choosing such enthralling names, especially if you’re of Swedish descent.
Thai Baby Names
Thai baby names are a celebration of baby’s vibrant heritage. They can instill your core values and celebrate the family tree in just a few syllables.
Turkish Baby Names
If you’re looking for a name that’s unique, beautiful, and connects baby to their heritage, this list of Turkish names is just the thing. Little Alev is sure to light up your life, while baby Nilufer can grow up and flower like the lily of her name.
Ukrainian Baby Names
If you’re looking for that ideal name to connect baby to your Ukrainian heritage, this list holds so many possibilities. Babies Iryna and Volodymyr are sure to be a peaceful presence, while little Marichka can be your shining star.
Vietnamese Baby Names
Naming baby can be an excellent opportunity to gift them with a connection to their heritage, especially if they’re living in another country. If you’re looking to share your ties to Vietnam with baby, you’ll find lovely choices here: including bright Minh, peaceful Yen, and golden Hyunh.
Welsh Baby Names
These Welsh baby names can be a gorgeous tribute to your family connection to Cymru, something for baby to take with them out into the world. They’re also rich with literary and musical influences, like Rhiannon, Arwen, and Gwenevere, for meaningful references to your favorite creative works.
Yiddish Baby Names
These Yiddish baby names could be a lovely way to connect baby to your family history. Little Rayzel is sure to be your darling rose, while young Moishe might follow his own path to greatness like the prophet Moses. Or perhaps baby Herschel might go on to discover a new planet, as his namesake found Uranus. You really can’t go wrong with these beautiful Yiddish names.