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Top Baby Names by Year

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If baby is bound to be a trendsetter by showcasing the next big thing or always rocking vintage style, top baby names by year is the way to go. With the baby names charts shifting throughout the decades, there’s plenty of variety to go around while still having enough charm to last a lifetime.

Classic Baby Names

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Classic baby names are the many facets on the cut diamond of naming. With timeless contenders from country, beautiful, traditional, vintage, and so many others, it’s here where you’ll find selections across history. Adding baby to the legacy of names that have been around for decades—and aren’t going anywhere—is an excellent first birthday present.

Seasonal Baby Names

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When every time of the year could be considered the best time of the year, it’s hard to know what direction to take when naming baby! Seasonal baby names range from Christmas and Kwanzaa to actual seasonal changes represented with summer and cozy baby names. A seasonal baby name will allow you to celebrate the day baby was born, no matter what time of year it is.

Baby Names by Month

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No doubt the best time of the year is the month baby is born! A seasonal baby name is wonderful, but honing in on what makes their birth month unique is all the more special! Whether baby is born during the cozy, chilly months, the fresh, bright springtime, beneath the dazzling, warm sunshine, or the crisp, adventurous autumn months, these baby name lists have you covered. Not to mention how much easier it is to pick a baby name according to baby’s sign with these lists!

Famous and Historical Baby Names

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There are so many famous people to be inspired by. From brilliant actors to phenomenal athletes to actual royalty, famous people make up a lot of the conversation in our daily lives. They wield influence like a chisel to our cultural marble slab, and there are plenty of ways to carry their banner forward! If there’s a famous figure throughout history or pop culture that you want to commemorate every day, a famous baby name for your future star could be precisely what you’re looking for.

Baby Names A to Z

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If you plan on having a family of Ms or just love the way “T” sounds tripping off of your tongue, browsing baby names by their starting or ending letters could be exactly what you’re looking for. By narrowing your choices down to the gender and the letter, you’re kicking off your search in a specific but non-limiting way. The world is your oyster when only one letter is a requirement!
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Baby Name Lists by Origin

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The chance to name baby for their heritage should be deeply cherished. This is an opportunity to impart values and family history with just a few syllables. If baby comes from a mixed and proud heritage, maybe pluck a couple of these names for a multi-cultural celebration every day. From African to Yiddish and dozens of languages and places in between, picking a baby name by origin will have baby’s homeland flags on display in no time.

Earthy Baby Names

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Feeling an attachment to mother Earth is, well, natural! From the trees helping you breathe deeper to the crystal blue waters reflecting the world’s wonders, nature helps us all! Earthy baby names are as comforting as food fresh from the garden, while still being a treat that’ll last all baby’s life. These names are rife with the opportunities to give baby ties to their roots among the soil or impart the lesson of perseverance from the buzzing bees. Celebrate everything from the ground below your feet to the mountain peaks high above every day just by uttering a few syllables.

Religious and Spiritual Baby Names

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A name that highlights the path you want to carve out for baby—while still giving them room to grow—is hard to find! Likely, deciding to raise baby in your faith made complete sense, but giving them a name that represents everything baby and your faith means to you could quickly leave you feeling a little uncertain. Religious and spiritual baby names can help you narrow down what you love most about your religion and implore baby to feel the same.