By Gabrielle Bennett Senior Content Specialist
Updated February 01, 2024


People from all different walks of life have fought for the rights of the queer community. Whether your heroes are well established in your heart already or you’re hoping to learn about these unbelievably courageous people, LGBTQIA+ hero names are just the start. With options from activist leaders like Marsha P. Johnson (a Black transgender woman known for her actions in the Stonewall uprising), Oscar Wilde (an Irish writer famed for his flippant disregard of societal confines and the harsh conditions he was forced to live through), or your favorite drag queen still fighting the good fight today, baby will have so many figures to look up to.

Baby Names that Mean Pride

Though not all the names literally mean “pride,” they represent the essence of Pride Month with the reality of celebrating it all year long. From definitions of “rainbow” and “bravery” to simply being “worthy of love,” baby names that mean pride set out to accomplish the goal of loving and accepting yourself completely, every day. For the days when baby will need a hug or need to be told they’re a badass, their name can provide that reminder.
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