Published August 05, 2021

Deciding what to name your fur baby can be almost as hard as naming baby! This particular little bundle of joy will never be able to speak your language, so you have to pick the name that feels exactly right based on the personality you get to see growing in front of you. This task can feel daunting, but don’t worry, you’ll find the perfect pet name in no time.

We would love to suggest adorable and funny names like Meatball and Tofu but this pet names list is for repurposing people names to give your pet a distinct flair and match their attitude. Choosing can be hard, but if you narrow it down to the type of name you’re looking for then this will be a breeze. Enjoy browsing through 125 of our favorite pet names for your fur baby.

Cool Pet Names

These names are for the coolest of the cool. Pet names from this section are for the pets that we know would be wearing shades and leather jackets if they were people. The unique selection of names will make your little best friend stand out in the dog park, or wherever they socialize.

Cute Pet Names

Well, tell us everything! We love all dogs, cats, bunnies, fish, reptiles, and every other pet you can dream of and we know you do, too! There’s few things better than waking up every day and being greeted by your special little companion, so maybe try picking a name that’s as cute as their face in the morning.

Funny Pet Names

These funny names are funny exclusively because of the idea of giving them to pets. If you have several kittens and hoping to name them according to a theme, think of all the 1940s names provided, like Gertrude or Enid. Or maybe you’re looking in this section because of the seriously normal human sound of the name, like Rick or Hilary. Whatever your reasoning, we hope these pet names have made you giggle.

Nerdy Pet Names

Here is where the nerd kingdom can celebrate unabashedly. If you need a daily fix of Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Pokémon, or even just something from the Marvel Comics universe, picking a name from here will be sure to make you smile every day. This is also a great fix if naming your human baby “Jarvis” was out of the question.

Popular Pet Names

These popular pet names are absolute classics. Whether you’re in the market for a Sparky or a Charlie, these names will make your choice the perfect kind of difficult.

Regal Pet Names

Regal pet names are the names ideal for a fur baby parent looking to bring a bit of Buckingham Palace to your cozy studio apartment. Winston and Bridget are lovely names that bring a bit of the royal spirit to your home without any of the work.

Tough Pet Names

Tough pet names are ideal in so many situations. If you have a bruiser of a breed — who we all know is actually a sweetie — or if you have a chihuahua — the actual feistiest breed of dog in the world — a tough name will just make sense. Name your kitten Rex or your fish Zeus and you’ll be in good spirits every time you say their name.

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