Top Baby Name Trend Predictions for 2022

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December 20, 2021

Naming baby is no small task. There are just so many options to choose from! When it comes to starting your baby name list, the question invariably is, “Where do I even start?” Well, one place is to consider which popular names will be topping the trend charts for 2022. We dug into baby name search data, pop culture and global shifts to predict the hottest upcoming baby name trends. Here are the monikers we think will be on birth certificates in 2022.

Gender Neutral Names

Unisex names have been a rising trend for a while, and they show no signs of slowing down. As we progress to a more inclusive society, many expectant parents are opting to move away from gender constructs when it comes to naming babies. Some examples of top nonbinary names are:

Names Inspired by Nature

After a long slog of COVID quarantines and lockdowns, many people have rediscovered their love for nature, and have found respite in activities like hiking, camping and daily walks outside. It comes as no surprise, then, that they’re also looking to nature for some baby name inspiration. Some nature-inspired names we love include:

Celestial Names

With so much stress mounting around the world, people have been looking to the heavens for inspiration. Sun, star and space themes were spotting in everything from nursery decor to birthday parties this past year, and we have an inkling the cosmos will spark plenty of bright baby name ideas in 2022 as well. Some top contenders include:

Strong and Confident Names

One thing every parent wants is to raise a self-assured child—so it makes sense that expectant parents are looking for names with empowering and noble meanings, such as:

Retro Names

Just like good vintage clothing, old-school baby names can be revived and renewed. Names that peppered the Social Security Administration’s most-popular list in the 1950s are on the rise again. These monikers are especially strong picks if you’re looking to honor your family lineage.

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Hopeful Names

After living in a pandemic for the past two years, many parents are adjusting to their new normals and looking to 2022 with hope for brighter days. Names that inspire cheerfulness and optimism can be especially beautiful, so it’s no wonder these monikers are top of minds for parents-to-be. Some examples to consider:

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