Other Origin(s):Gaelic, Irish, Norse, Scottish
Meaning:Ruler; Commander; Ingenious; Dweller at the hall meadow; Hall or woodland clearing
Both a given name and a surname, this sweet moniker holds a wealth of history. As a given name, Halley is gender-neutral and of Scandinavian and Old Norse origin, meaning “ruler” or “commander.” Halley was anglicized from the Gaelic surname O hEalaighthe, which came from the Irish word ealadhach, meaning “ingenious,” helping to remind baby of their bright and brilliant mind. Also a habitual name, Halley is a Scottish surname that means “dweller at the hall meadow” or “hall or woodland clearing,” often borne by people who lived close to a woodland. Halley boasts a unique twist on the popular name Hailey, allowing baby to embrace their individuality.
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