As soon as you find out the exciting news that you’re expecting, you’ll most likely begin mulling over every baby name under the sun. And it’s no wonder: Naming your future child is not only an honor but also a very important task. Your child is going to carry that name with them for the rest of their lives, so you’ll want to choose wisely!

Because there are so many names to choose from, why not start with our selection of Gaelic baby names? Gaelic baby girl and baby boy names have been used by Anglophones for centuries. The Gaelic alphabet has but 18 letters, and most Gaelic baby names are inspired by trees, flowers and other plants found in the lands of the Gaels.

Some parents like to choose Gaelic baby boy names and baby girl names because they represent their Indo-European roots. Maybe they have ties to areas around Scotland or Ireland. However, other parents are simply drawn to the beautiful sounds and meaning behind Gaelic baby names. No matter the reason, we feature a long list of the top Gaelic names to explore. Check them out here at The Bump.

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