Updated June 30, 2022

Comhghairdeas or Meala-naidheachd! Baby is on the way and we are delighted for you! Naming baby can be really tough, but picking out inspiration from family heritage or maybe even a culture you’ve just always loved is a great place to start. Gaelic baby names have a wide and beautiful range. The regions these names come from are similar on the face of it, but nonetheless they have managed to maintain totally unique histories that influence their culture, and their names, even today.

The term Gaelic is one that gets thrown around frequently as a synonym for Celtic, but Gaelic is actually a more specific term. It is a subculture referring to Indo-European languages, like Irish and Scots Gaelic, of specific regions in the Celtic Nations and these baby names take influences from those regions.

If you think a Gaelic name is the perfect fit for you and baby then you have come to the exact right place. Eryn and Shaelee are just a couple examples of the beautiful Gaelic baby names for girls. These interesting spellings are sure to make baby stand out in roll call and as she grows up she’ll have an interesting story to tell, too. Gaelic baby boy names come in all shapes and sizes and are — we think — irresistibly fun. With Eiden meaning fire and Ruark meaning champion, baby will be set up for an epic adventure.

Gaelic names have a large scope and have definitely earned their bragging rights for beauty and meaning. Naming baby doesn’t have to be tough, so browse through our Gaelic Baby Names list and find the one that makes you and baby feel just as special as we know you are.

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