Shrouded in a Gaelic shawl, Kenadee breathes life back into what some might consider a rather 'presidential' name. Just as clothes can be passed down through generations, so too can Kenadee, a refashioned feminine moniker from the Irish surname Kennedy. Combining the Irish words ceann, meaning "head," and éidigh, being "to clothe," we get an overall meaning of "helmet-headed." Kennedy itself is thought to have derived from Brian Bóruma mac Cennétig, whose surname came from his father, as was custom in Ireland at the time. Brian was an Irish high king who triumphed over the dominating rule of the Uí Néill clan to become the High King of Ireland, and is, subsequently, the direct ancestor of all O'Brien families. Just like Brian Bóruma and John F. Kennedy, your little Kenadee has the potential to walk in these great men's footsteps.
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