Emma Boyle
Content Writer
  • Emma is a content writer for The Knot Worldwide, where she creates storefront summaries, registry content, and baby name descriptions for The Bump.
  • She has been living in Galway since 2018, where she completed a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing with English and History.
  • Today, she has been lured into the writerly commune of Galway, away from her home county of Donegal.

As I sit here writing baby names for The Bump, I can’t help but think how cool it would have been to have this online treasure chest of names back in '99. I could have been a Zeniba, Alessa, Venecia, or Juniper!

At The Bump
At TKWW, Emma is part of the content team responsible for baby name descriptions that are as equally adorable as they are factual. By researching the origins, meaning, history, and social culture of each name, she does her best to shine a light on each title. Her favorite part of the process is when she stumbles upon a name rooted in history, or a character from a familiar book, TV, or video game franchise.

Emma studied an undergraduate degree in Creative Writing with History and English at NUIG, which is now known as the University of Galway. She also completed a 240-hour TEFL and IELTS course. Emma continues to indulge in late-night reading, binge-watching Netflix, cooking plant-based recipes, and dabbling in the limitless world of video games.

Emma spent half a decade pulling pints, chatting with locals, and constantly refilling ice buckets at her family pub in her hometown. After graduating from university, she briefly taught an English language summer course to international students in Galway. Emma decided to return to the old, familiar ways of writing once she joined the content writing team at The Knot Worldwide, where she continues to develop her skills today.