Other Origin(s):British, Irish
Meaning:Lord of horses; Nook or corner of land; River bend; Mythical hunter
Hern is a masculine name of Gaelic and Old English origins. The name sports several iterations, including Herne and English and Irish last names A'hern and O'Hern. It originally came from the Gaelic last name Ó hEachthighearna, which means “lord of horses.” Hern is also thought to stem from the Old English hyrne, meaning “nook or corner of land” or “river bend,” helping to keep baby grounded while teaching them to go with the flow. This unique moniker boasts a magical aura and is sometimes thought to mean "mythical hunter," thanks to the old English folklore tale Herne the Hunter, who was a ghost associated with Windsor Forest and Great Park in England's Berkshire. Believed to have antlers growing from his head, the earliest mention of Herne is in Shakespeare's 1597 play The Merry Wives of Windsor. Hern is a clever choice for parents wishing to give baby a lifetime identity or enjoy an animal-like etymology that inspires courage and strength.

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