Updated May 12, 2022

With a baby on the way, many parents seek to find some way to give baby the gift of their heritage. By choosing a name to represent their lineage, a parent is giving baby a story to lean on, a figure to look up to, or a beacon of strength to pull from. The Finnish culture is a deeply special one, and celebrating both baby and culture with a Finnish baby girl or baby boy name could be exactly the right next step for you both.

Finland is made up of a great deal of determined, educated people. Though not Scandinavian themselves, the Finns are a part of Nordic culture. There is a rich history to be learned and to feel inspired by with all that the Nordic and Finnish cultures have to offer. Their progressive political ideals, their battle tactics through history, and any other of the myriad ways in which this country has led society onto something greater is motivation for us all.

Finnish girl and boy names often feel like a fresh and creative take on the Anglicized names we all hear daily. Names like Miska, Edvin, and Lilja, for instance, closely resemble Michael, Edward, and Lily. Alternatively, a lot of the Finnish names you’ll find will be of the more intense sort you’d expect from a Nordic culture; the name Torben means “thunder bear”.

Finnish names are dripping with meaning and story that speak to the brilliance of the culture they come from. Choosing one for baby to highlight their heritage and give them a story to harken back to is a lovely birthday present, if you ask us.

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