By Gabrielle Bennett
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February 02, 2023

For many, fantasy is the best genre. It builds worlds you can’t fathom in your wildest dreams and helps you embark upon journeys you unfortunately—or fortunately, depending on your point of view—can’t go on in this strictly non-fantasy world. However, with the introduction of fantasy in lives around the world, people have been able to cut the mundane with the sharp tang of otherworldly tastes. If you want to give baby this recipe and zest for life—seeking out the impossible or not—then a fantasy baby girl, boy, or gender-neutral name could do some serious wonders.

Baby Names from The Lord of the Rings
The trilogy that took the world by storm, The Lord of the Rings, is a staple of any fantasy diet. But, of course, not a real diet; diets are not the meal plan adhered to when second breakfast is on the line. If you’re like the many who crushed on Legolas—and then promptly fell in love with Aragorn—it’s no surprise you’ve found yourself here today. Whether baby feels like a rambunctious Bilbo or a badass like Eowyn, a LOTR baby name is just what Galadriel ordered.
Baby Names from The Witcher
Geralt and his band of not-so-merry men, basically just Dandelion—or Jaskier, if you’re a TV series fan—had somewhat of a slow burn when it came to reaching worldwide audiences. Written by Andrzej Sapkowski in Poland in the 90s, the seven-book series would eventually be picked up by the video game company CD PROJEKT RED, and then brought to even more homes through the Netflix series. No matter where you onboarded, Kaer Morhen beckons! Giving baby a name from this franchise can do some of the leg work for teaching about the moral ambiguities of the world. And who doesn’t need a dose of that every now and then?
Baby Names from Game of Thrones
If it was George R R Martin’s tale that captured you hook, line, and sinker or the TV series version, it makes no matter! The important thing is that Game of Thrones—or A Song of Ice and Fire if you’re feeling specific about it—has been a part of your life. This fantastical series of courtly mishaps and devastating brutality amidst ever-changing magical threads in the tapestry of Westeros has shaken audiences to their core. If you gave a decade or more of constance to this franchise, or perhaps you binged it all in a few months, then a baby name from Game of Thrones just makes sense.
Baby Names from Shadow and Bone
From the hit series in the Grishaverse came Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo. Another author responsible for enticing a wider range of demographics into the fantasy sphere, Bardugo thoroughly created the dark and gritty universe. The ragtag groups of felons, sorcerers, and everything in between have endeared themselves to millions—thanks to the streaming series and the enthusiastic readers banging down the doors.
Baby Names from The Chronicles of Narnia
C S Lewis made something deeply special with The Chronicles of Narnia. He opened up the door for young ones to find their way into the genre of fantasy, setting up readers for life. Though there are ten books in total, the most famous of these stories is certainly the first. The Lion, The Witch and The Wardobe are the names most heavily featured in this list but don’t be afraid to branch out and find more favorites in an inventive series.
Baby Names from The Sandman
Neil Gaiman’s beloved series, The Sandman, first appeared on shelves in 1989. However, the new Netflix series has recently introduced its wild concepts to a wider audience! The show rendition has been received passionately—on both ends of the spectrum. But no matter what, Gaiman’s material has a special je ne sais quoi that can’t be denied. If you’ve found yourself needing the characteristic whimsy and rich character depth he’s known for, then a baby name from The Sandman feels a little kismet.
Baby Names from The Wheel of Time
Brandon Sanderson’s literary world-building in modern times is nearly unmatched; he has no shortage of ideas and tools to create a vibrant world that the reader can imagine walking into. In The Wheel of Time, it’s no different, even though he didn’t take the series over until later! His work melds with Robert Jordan’s to create an intoxicating world full of enticement in all its many forms in literature. The story itself, though there are hundreds of named characters, presents only a few stand-out choices for baby names. But the main characters’ names are unique enough to make the slim pickin’ something special.
Baby Names from Outlander
Another book series turned TV drama, Outlander has gripped readers and viewers alike since 1991. Diana Gabaldon took romance and historical fiction with a big splash of fantasy and made a cocktail that millions can’t resist. If Jamie’s unending kindness in a brutish world or Claire’s willfulness has you feeling determined yourself, a baby name from the pages of Outlander will never feel out of place in life.
Baby Names from Locke and Key
The mysteries that unfold in the Locke and Key series have entrapped new and old fantasy fans alike since its streaming service debut in 2020, a good twelve years after the comic book series first appeared. It continued to release volume after volume, reaching 37 total issues and a fan base chomping at the bit. With the addition of new fans to the community, Locke and Key is a series that’ll be beloved by generations, especially if there’s a baby name involved.
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