For those of us heavily invested in the binge-watching culture, fictional baby names are making themselves a force to be reckoned with. Plucking your favorites from all over cultural sensations means you and baby are left with only the best of the best. References to prolific franchises like Star Wars all the way to your favorite anime names from Studio Ghibli films, fictional baby names have it made in the shade—or in the dark, with a bowl of popcorn in your lap, at least.

101 Superhero Baby Names

Like Wonder Woman, Peter Parker, and Clark Kent, your bundle of joy will make the world a better place. Tune into baby’s superhero side with this list of bold and brave names.

15 Names We Love From Ted Lasso

Has the warm and friendly world of Ted Lasso stolen your heart? Why not channel the joy and optimism of the show's lovable characters with a list of baby names from this hit series.

20 Atypical Baby Names You’ll Adore

Funny, bittersweet, and full of remarkable characters, it’s no wonder Atypical is such a beloved show. Embrace the world’s joyful complexity with this list of baby names from the Netflix series.

20 Names We Love from In the Heights

If you love the vibrant, beautiful world of In the Heights, why not choose a baby name inspired by Lin-Manuel Miranda's popular musical? These melodious Latina, Latino, and Latinx names will have you jumping—and maybe even singing—for joy.

28 Regal Baby Names from “Queen Charlotte”

Whether you’ve already bid a tearful goodbye to yet another Bridgerton masterpiece or you’re just beginning your journey, a baby name from Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story is fit to inspire.

32 Gritty Baby Names from “Succession”

Though the names themselves aren’t edgy, Succession baby names are full of grit and hard-won admiration. They’re subtle homages to the moxy and determination of the writers bravely executing commentary on the 1%. Give baby similar tenacity with a baby name from Succession.

37 Baby Names Inspired by Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda might be the world’s most adorable creature, but with baby on the way, he’s about to lose out on the top spot. If this cuddly green character has melted your heart, a baby name inspired by the world of The Mandalorian could be just right.

40 Baby Names from Stranger Things

You can probably name your favorite characters by heart, but this list of Stranger Things baby names might also help you remember some of the characters loved and lost.

52 Barbie-Inspired Baby Names

Barbie has been booming for decades, but the current revival has the whole world talking about the many shades of pink and dream houses galore. If revisiting this glittering world where a girl can do anything inspires you, consider a Barbie baby name for your new BFF.

75 Harry Potter Baby Names

Be honest: who hasn’t secretly hoped for a belated Hogwarts admission letter? If you’re a Harry Potter fan, why not imbue baby’s world with a little extra magic. Take a peek at this list of baby names inspired by these beloved characters.

Sex and the City Baby Names

Why not look to the beloved group of New York City icons and name baby after a favorite Sex and the City character? Stylish, smart, fun, and devoted—get inspired by each fabulous powerhouse.

Star Wars Baby Names

This list of Star Wars baby names comes from a galaxy far, far away. Introduce baby to this timeless story with a name inspired by everyone’s favorite space-dwelling badasses.

Anime Baby Names Straight From Studio Ghibli

With its rich storytelling, inspiring characters, and sense of magic, who could fail to be charmed by the whimsical world of Studio Ghibli? Celebrate the studio’s enchanting animations with this list of baby names inspired by Hayao Miyazaki’s beloved anime films.

Classic Baby Names Inspired by Downton Abbey

Evoke the elegance and refinement of the Crawley family by giving baby a Downton Abbey-inspired name. From Cora to Matthew, Violet to Robert, the classic names of your fictional favorites are sure to inspire you on your search.

Baby Names Inspired by Pixar Movies

Why not honor your favorite Pixar movie by using it as name inspiration? Choose a name like Merida or Coco to instill the values of these beloved films in your little one.

Baby Names from House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones

If you loved Game of Thrones and see House of the Dragon as either a continuation or a redemption arc for the franchise, then you’ll love to read about these baby names taken straight from the scripts.

Baby Names from The Rings of Power and The Lord of the Rings

The new show The Rings of Power is an exciting addition to one of the most beloved franchises of all time, The Lord of the Rings. If baby is going to be your sweet little hobbit, your elegant elf, or your gruff dwarf, then you know what needs to happen next! Enjoy your adventure!

Baby Names from The Witcher

Whether it's the book series, the video games, or the TV show, The Witcher is full of unique and beautiful names. From Cirilla to Zoltan, evoke magic and adventure with a name inspired by Andrzej Sapkowski's fantasy world.

DC Baby Names

Calling all DC superfans! If you want to give baby a legendary name that honors some of your lifelong favorite fictional characters, consider choosing a DC-inspired name. These classic and beloved names will help baby make a heroic first impression.

Fairy Baby Names

Fairy baby names invoke the spirit of the little hidden wonders of the world. Whether you're familiar with the sweet fairy doors or in the forest or you think you've known a changling or two in life, fairy baby names give life an extra touch of magic.

Fantasy Baby Names

The fantasy genre is often the stuff of dreams, and that’s where it and baby’s Venn diagram intersect! If you’re going to be raising baby in a life fully affected by the magical worlds offered in books, movies, and other media, then a fantasy baby name is exactly what baby deserves.

Friendly Baby Names from The Baby-Sitters Club

The Baby-Sitters Club served an entire generation, and then some, with the ingredients needed to become driven, problem-solving grown-ups. Give baby a dose of the beautiful, wholesome experience that comes with this series all lifelong.

Greek Mythology Baby Names

Greek mythology has helped shape modern literature as we know it. If you're on the hunt for a name that celebrates some of your favorite mythological characters, choose a Greek mythology baby name, such as Atlas or Selene.

Marvel Baby Names

Set your little superhero—or supervillain—up for a life of adventure with this list of Marvel baby names! With names like Wanda, Rogue, or Loki, baby will go down in history as a force to be reckoned with.

Mermaid-Inspired Baby Names

No matter who you are or where you grew up, you probably ‘played mermaids’ at some point in your life. Teach baby how to dive deep into life’s most wondrous joys with the same fervor as diving into the ocean with a mermaid-inspired baby name.

Mythological Baby Names

Myth and fiction go hand-in-hand. For centuries, myths have been used for comfort and study. Give baby a taste of these thrilling endeavors with a mythological baby name.

Scary Baby Names

If your Netflix history looks more like Stranger Things than Emily in Paris, these fictional and oh-so-scary baby names will surely put a spell on you. Proceed with caution, though, as your little one may be more interested in painting the floor with their breakfast than actually eating it.

Sci-Fi Baby Names

Science fiction is the fiction of the stars! It explores creative problem-solving and the beauty of the human condition through stories unimaginable. By giving baby a science fiction baby name, you’re setting up their geekdom with care from day one.

Shakespearean Baby Names

Preparing for baby’s arrival may have you doing crazy things. If you’re craving Shakespearean plays like some parents crave pickles and peanut butter, this list of Shakespearean baby names will hit the spot.

Sweet Magnolias Baby Names

With Serenity building out your American dream and the leading ladies highlighting what it means to be lifelong friends, it’s no surprise you’ve found yourself inspired. Sweet Magnolias baby names are country classics, giving you and baby a sweet as apple pie connotation all lifelong.

Timeless Baby Names from Outlander

Outlander is a show that’s tugged at the heartstrings and pulled at the part of the brain that hopes for magic since the ‘90s. The series knows exactly how to pull you in and make you curious about what’s possible in the world, and what better thing to share with baby than a curiosity that challenges time itself?

Video Game Baby Names

If you're a gamer, being inspired by the games you play is nothing new. Since you found out about baby's arrival, you've no doubt wanted to act on a long-overdue combination there, too! Choosing a video game baby name is sharing your passion with your newest best friend.