Updated August 04, 2022

Stranger Things took the world by storm years ago. Though viewers had to wait with bated breath for the fourth season, it’s proven to be a season worth waiting for! But don’t worry; there are no spoilers here if you haven’t logged the hours bingeing yet. Baby girl, boy, and gender-neutral names from Stranger Things will help you and baby remember the clever heroics of each character from day one.

The 80s aesthetic and the Dungeons and Dragons revivals that came with Stranger Things are to be cherished! Scrunchies, high socks, big hair, and pastel colors have been immortalized thanks to the gorgeous sets and character building. And, though DnD has always had a part to play in the show, season four really embraces what the game can mean to young adults and adults alike.

This show somehow wraps up horror, sci-fi, DnD monster fantasy, quippy comedy, and heart-wrenching storylines in a gorgeous and terrifying bow! It’s likely that if you’ve fallen in love with the show, you’ve already loved these nerdy things in your own life. Sharing your geekdom with baby is one of the best things in a parent’s life, and this show could be the perfect opener to it—when they’re old enough, anyway! In the meantime, you can tell them their classic name comes from a character you’ve long adored! To give baby a Stranger Things baby name is to give them a key to your geeky, horror-loving heart.